Can I download a D4 medical form?

Can I download a D4 medical form?

The D4 medical form can be downloaded from our website quickly and easily or you can order your D2 and D4 medical form pack from the DVLA. You can obtain a D4 form from some post offices but we advise against this as they may stock older versions of the form which DVLA may no longer accept.

Can I download D2 and D4 forms?

You cannot download the D2 application form because it includes features that will not print. You have to order a printed copy from DVLA.

Can my GP fill D4 form?

Please note, The HGV Medical Examination form (D4) requires both sections to be completed and signed before it is submitted. If you have completed the eyesight section already, the GP will be able to check this part for you.

Where can I get DVLA D4 form?

If you need a paper copy of a form and cannot print it yourself, you can get most forms from a Post Office that offers DVLA services. Check whether your local Post Office stocks the form before you visit.

Can I print a D4 form?

The D4 form can be downloaded and printed on your own printer.

Can I download forms from DVLA?

You can download many of the application packs and forms relating to driving licences and updating licence information (including information about medical conditions) from the DVLA website….

What form do I need to report a medical condition to DVLA?

Report certain types of medical conditions to DVLA if you’re a car driver or motorcyclist.

Can I get DVLA medical form from post office?

Can I get DVLA medical form from Post Office?

Does the post office have D2 forms?

Answer: We cannot issue D2 forms however you can download your pack from here, DLA D2 Form or you can pick up a form from your nearest post office.

How long does it take to get licence back after DVLA medical?

The time they take to deal with your particular case will depend on the medical condition you have and the information they need to gather. If the DVA can make a decision based on the information you originally provided, they aim to make this decision within three to four weeks.

How do I get in touch with the DVLA medical?

0300 790 6806 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays. If you have hearing or speech difficulties, contact us by textphone on 0300 123 1278. This number will not respond to an ordinary phone. Drivers Medical Group DVLA Swansea SA99 1TU.

Can you do DVLA forms online?

You can use our online services to: apply for your first provisional licence. renew your driving licence if you’re 70 or over. renew your driving licence.

Where can I get a DVLA application completion form?

Where do I send my D4 medical form?

Send the filled in D4 (vision and medical assessment) with your application form and driving licence to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BR. If you do not send all the forms together, the processing of your application will be delayed.

Can I inform DVLA of a medical condition online?

You cannot use the online service to check for your condition or report it to DVLA .

Where can I get a DVLA medical?

You can order a D1 application form online or pick one up at your local post office. Complete the form and send it to the DVLA along with the appropriate fee (and an up to date photo if needed). Once the DVLA have received your application form they will contact you with details of a DVLA appointed doctor in your area.

Can I download D2 form?

You can also order the application pack for a lorry, minibus or bus driving licence – the D2 form. You can order it with or without the D4 medical form. To download other DVLA forms, you can find the links inside this service.