Does a frayed labrum need surgery?

Does a frayed labrum need surgery?

If the labrum is frayed, usually no treatment is necessary since it doesn’t usually cause symptoms. However, if there is a large tear of the labrum, the torn part should either be cut out and trimmed, or it should be repaired.

What is a frayed shoulder labrum?

The fraying and tearing of your labrum may be due to the wear and tear that comes naturally with age, or it could also result due to injury and/or stress to your shoulder. Other factors that contribute to shoulder labral tears include: Car Accidents. Repetitive Overhead Activity. Shoulder Dislocation.

Can a frayed labrum heal on its own?

A frayed labrum may present little or no symptoms and require no treatment. Because the labrum has a rich blood supply, it can often heal on its own with adequate rest. Other non-surgical treatments for labral tears include: Anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling.

How do you fix a frayed labrum?

SLAP tears are usually treated with rest, anti-inflammatory medications and, in some cases, an in-office cortisone injection. This is followed by gradual stretching of the shoulder, initially with a physical therapist, for six weeks to two months.

What happens if a shoulder labral tear goes untreated?

If left untreated, this may lead to chronic or recurrent shoulder instability, pain, and weakness.

What does a posterior labral tear feel like?

Symptoms of a Labral Tear A dull throbbing ache in the shoulder joint. Difficulty sleeping due to shoulder discomfort. “Catching” of the shoulder joint with movement. Pain with specific activities.

How do you fix a torn labrum in your shoulder without surgery?

Nonsurgical options such as physical therapy are usually the first treatment method employed in repairing a torn labrum. Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the muscles in the arm while increasing mobility and range of motion in the affected shoulder.

Can shoulder labrum tears heal without surgery?

Typically, patients with SLAP injuries that are less severe, involving either a partially torn labrum or frayed labrum, will find that physical therapy alone will improve their symptoms. However, if symptoms do not resolve after 6-12 weeks of physical therapy, surgery is necessary for a full recovery.

Will a cortisone shot help a torn shoulder labrum?

Usually, we perform a cortisone shot into the shoulder joint to reduce inflammation from a torn labrum. However, this injection must be followed by an exercise program to strengthen the shoulder and stop further instability.

How do you treat a shoulder labral tear without surgery?