How big is a 10.1 cubic refrigerator?

How big is a 10.1 cubic refrigerator?

Magic Chef HMDR1000WE 10.1 cu. ft. top Freezer/Refrigerator, White

Brand Magic Chef
Capacity 10.1 Cubic Feet
Configuration Freezer-on-Top
Product Dimensions 26″D x 23.6″W x 59.4″H
Shelf Type Wire

How tall is 10 cubic feet in inches?


1 cubic feet = 12 inch 0.0005787037037037037 cubic feet
7 cubic feet = 22.9552 inch 0.1985 cubic feet
8 cubic feet = 24 inch 0.2963 cubic feet
9 cubic feet = 24.961 inch 0.4219 cubic feet
10 cubic feet = 25.8532 inch 0.5787 cubic feet

What are the dimensions of a 12 cubic foot refrigerator?


Net Weight 145.0 lb
Height to Top of Hinge 60.0 in
Overall Width 23.25 in
Width w/Door Open 90 Degrees Incl. Handle 24.0 in
Width w/Door Open 90 Degrees Less Handle 24.0 in

How tall is 11.5 cubic feet refrigerator?

59.5 in
weights & dimensions

Net Weight 118.0 lb
Depth Without Handle 28.0 in
Overall Height 59.5 in
Height to Mid-Freezer 38.0 in
Height to Top of Case 58.0 in

What size is a standard refrigerator?

Standard refrigerator sizes range from around 24 to 40 inches in width, 62 to 72 inches in height and 29 to 36 inches in depth. Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations.

How many feet is 10 cubic feet?


1 cubic feet = 1 feet 1 cubic feet
8 cubic feet = 2 feet 512 cubic feet
9 cubic feet = 2.0801 feet 729 cubic feet
10 cubic feet = 2.1544 feet 1000 cubic feet
11 cubic feet = 2.224 feet 1331 cubic feet

What are the dimensions of a 10 cu ft chest freezer?

33.25 x 44.25 x 27.5 inches
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This item RCA 10 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer
Customer Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars (117)
Price $46464
Sold By
Item Dimensions 33.25 x 44.25 x 27.5 inches

How tall is a 9 cubic foot refrigerator?

Compare Similar Top Freezer Refrigerators

current product
Total Capacity (cu. ft.) 9 cu ft 7.1 cu ft 18.2 cu ft
Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.) 63.5 in 57 in 65.88 in
Without Ice Maker Without Ice Maker
View Product View Product View Product

What are the dimensions of a 15 cubic foot refrigerator?

weights & dimensions

Height to Top of Hinge 67.875 in
Net Weight 174.0 lb
Overall Depth 26.625 in
Overall Height 67.875 in
Overall Width 27.625000 in

Is Insignia a good brand for refrigerators?

The Insignia NS-RTM18 took the No. 10 spot in our Best Refrigerators of 2022 rating, with an overall score of 3.6 out of 5. It’s one of only two refrigerators with top-mounted freezers to make our list. The Samsung Top Freezer beats it with a score of 3.9.

What size is a regular size refrigerator?

How tall is 10 cubic feet refrigerator?

Technical Details

Brand Name ‎RCA
Product Dimensions ‎22.75 x 23.25 x 68.25 inches
Country of Origin ‎China
Item model number ‎RFR1085
Capacity ‎10 Cubic Feet

How tall is a 7 cu ft refrigerator?

LG Smart Inverter Refrigerator (7 cubic feet capacity / 5 feet tall)

How tall is a 10 cubic foot freezer?

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current product
Depth (Excluding Handles) 29 in 24.88 in 22.5 in
Number of Shelves 3 2 3
Product Width (in.) 23.94 in 23.94 in 19.88 in
Product Height (in.) 59.06 in 36.14 in 32 in

How much meat will a 10 cubic foot freezer hold?

If you’re wondering how much frozen meat fits in a 10 cubic feet freezer, it’s approximately 35–40 pounds of meat per each cubic foot⁵. This means you could fit about 350–400 pounds (159–181 kilograms) of meat, or roughly half a beef.

What is a standard refrigerator size?

What is a standard size refrigerator?

What are the dimensions of a 10 cubic foot refrigerator?

Includes separate freezer compartment for foods that need extra chilling|However cannot be used for Storing Frozen Foods or making ice cubes

  • Product dimensions – 21.26” D x 19.72” W x 33.86” H|Refrigerator capacity – 4.4 Cubic.
  • Features Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that open from Left or Right
  • How many cubic feet does my Refrigerator have?

    When it comes to the interior, the refrigerator itself should provide you with 14 to 20 cubic feet of space. What is the most common refrigerator size? Does a Whirlpool refrigerator have a reset button?

    What is the cubic feet and measurements of this refrigerator?

    The typical side-by-side refrigerator measures between 30 and 36 inches in width, 67 and 70 inches in height and from 29 to 35 inches in depth. Total volume ranges from 22.5 to 31 cubic feet, with 14.5 to 20 cubic feet in the refrigerator portion.

    What is the cubic feet for my Refrigerator?

    – If your fridge full of food and drinks then just remove enough food and drinks etc. to measure the spaces. – Remember to measure the space not the dimensions of the fridge exterior. – You need to measure the Length, Width, and Height of the space inside the refrigerator. – Now, multiply all three numbers you get together.