How do you wish someone good luck in Hebrew?

How do you wish someone good luck in Hebrew?

In English, we say good luck – wishing the person good fortune, that the stars line up for them, that they find a four-leaf clover. In Hebrew, we say בְּהַצְלָחָה – literally, with success. the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

What does Hatzlacha Rabbah mean?

The word rabbi comes from the Hebrew raba, meaning “great” or “revered,” as seen in the Hebrew expressions saba raba (great grandfather) or hatzlacha raba (a blessing for much success).

What does Kol Hakavod mean?

all respect
PreS-Gr 1–Rhyming text introduces readers to the Hebrew expression Kol Hakavod. The literal translation is “all respect,” but it really means so much more. Kiffel-Alcheh describes it this way: “It’s everything. It’s all. It’s whole./Entire.

What does Simintov and Mazel Tov mean?

Mazal tov ve-siman tov (Good Luck and Good Sign): Jewish marriage contracts in the British Library’s Hebrew collection. The celebration of a marriage is one of Judaism’s happiest and most joyous communal events.

What does chaval hazman mean?

a waste of time
For instance, the phrase ‘Chaval al hazman’ or ‘חבל על הזמן’. Literally translated the phrase means ‘a shame about the time’ which you would think would mean that something is a waste of time. However, Israelis use it for the exact opposite; it is used to mean that something is really cool.

What does shtarker mean?

A strong, stout fellow
n. A strong, stout fellow. n. Big shot, an arrogant person.

What does alter Kocker mean?

A senior citizen with a Yiddish accent. In fiction, Yiddish accents are common for old characters, even if their families are of a completely different culture. Alter Kockers are most common in comedies, due to the influence of Jewish comedians.

What does Ma Shlomech mean?

How do you do?
The first word Ma means, “what.” Next, we have Shlomech, which in English literally means, “your health.” All together, we have Ma shlomech? This literally means, “How do you do?”

What does Havenu Shalom alechem?

Havenu Shalom Alechem is a song from the Wake Up Jeff! album and the 1998 version of Yummy Yummy. The title translates to “We have brought peace to you.” Shalom (peace) is a common greeting in Hebrew. This song first appeared on the Wake Up Jeff!

What does Shalom chaverim mean?

Shalom Chaverim is a folksong from Israel. The Hebrew text translates to “peace, my friends, until we meet again.” While listening to or singing this song, the children can rock their bodies to feel the meter of the song. They can also experience singing piano, legato, and creating smooth phrases with their voices.

What does Mazal mean in Hebrew?

While the words mazal (or mazel in Yiddish; “luck” or “fortune”) and tov (“good”) are Hebrew in origin, the phrase is of Yiddish origin, and was later incorporated into Modern Hebrew.

What does Yofi Tofi mean?

Big whoop! – That’s no way to talk to her. See how “יופי טופי! [ yofi tofi]” is translated from Hebrew to English with more examples in context. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary.