Is Countach a swear word?

Is Countach a swear word?

Countach is a swear word in the Piedmontese dialect, and it’s what the head of the Bertone design house exclaimed when he saw the car’s design for the first time.

What does Countach mean?

plague, contagion
One of his most frequent exclamations was ‘countach’, which literally means plague, contagion, and is actually used more to express amazement or even admiration, like ‘goodness’. He had this habit.

How many Lamborghini Countach Turbos were made?

Only two units of the Turbo S were ever built. One was a sinister-looking black 5000S Turbo, while the other was a Red Metallic LP 400S Turbo. Since the Turbo S was not legal in Switzerland, the brain behind the Turbo upgrade, Max Bobnar decided to sell the car.

What does Lamborghini mean in Italian?

The word “Lamborghini” is simply a name, and as such, does not have any deeper meaning. Specifically, it’s the surname of a Ferruccio Lamborghini, who founded the company in 1963. He then decided to use his own name for the name of the company. We’re not complaining; it’s a pretty cool sounding word.

How much does a Countach cost?

$2.64 million
Pricing and Which One to Buy The new Countach will start at $2.64 million. Of course, that’s just the base price, we expect the final figure will greatly fluctuate from customer to customer due to Lamborghini’s extensive list of features and bespoke options.

Is the Countach fast?

The innovations in engine and transmission placement worked, with the first-generation Countach making 325 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and 260 ft lbs @ 5,500 rpm, leading to a very quick 0 to 60 mph in around 5.9 seconds and top speed of 181 mph.

How many Aventadors are there?

It is limited to 600 units (350 for the Coupé, 250 for the Roadster). It has all the standard features of the Aventador S and SVJ.

How many Svj are there?

800 examples
Limited to a mere 800 examples, the SVJ Roadster is the most iconic form of the Aventador family. Its Lamborghini aerodynamics represent the most futuristic ever designed: the ALA 2.0 system and aero-vectoring ensure the minimum drag on straightaways and the optimal aerodynamic load when cornering.

What does Bugatti mean?

Proper noun A French motor car manufacturer, a subsidiary of Volkswagen.

What drug is in Wolf of Wall Street?

The use of drugs is very prominent throughout the movie. In addition to the abuse of stimulants, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and cocaine, the drug of choice in the movie was Quaaludes (methaqualone).