Is Lyon Grenoble airport the same as Grenoble?

Is Lyon Grenoble airport the same as Grenoble?

Grenoble / Lyon Airport (IATA: GNB, ICAO: LFLS), also known as Grenoble-Isère Airport, is a medium sized airport in France. It is an international airport and serves the area of Belledonne, Chartreuse, Isère, French Alps, Route Napoléon and Rhône-Alps, France.

How many airports does Grenoble?

There are 4 primary airports that our clients have been flying too over the past 10 years. After taking the time to talk with them about their trip and also traveling from all of the airports ourselves we have put together detailed pages about each airport.

Does Grenoble France have an airport?

Situated in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble-Isère Airport is an international airport complex that handles around 400,000 passengers per year. Home to a dozen airlines, Grenoble-Isère Airport operates flights across France as well as the rest of Europe.

Are there two airports in Grenoble?

Alpes–Isère Airport (formerly Grenoble-Isère Airport) or Aéroport Alpes–Isère (IATA: GNB, ICAO: LFLS), is an international airport serving Grenoble which is situated 2.5 km north-northwest of Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs and 40 km west-northwest of Grenoble, both communes in the Isère, département of France.

What is the airport code for Lyon France?

LYSLyon-Saint Exupéry Airport / Code

What is the name of Grenoble airport?

Alpes–Isère Airport
Alpes–Isère Airport

Alpes–Isère Airport Aéroport Alpes–Isère d’Exploitation de l’Aéroport de Grenoble (SEAG)
Serves Grenoble, France
Location Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs

How far is Grenoble from an airport?

36 km
The distance between Grenoble Airport (GNB) and Grenoble is 36 km. The road distance is 45.8 km.

What is the nearest airport to Grenoble?

The nearest airport to Grenoble is Grenoble (GNB) Airport which is 36.2 km away. Other nearby airports include Lyon (LYS) (78.1 km), Geneva (GVA) (120.8 km), Turin (TRN) (151.1 km) and Marseille (MRS) (197.2 km).

Are there two airports in Lyon?

There are two main airports: Saint-Exupéry International Airport and the Business Airport of Lyon located in Bron.

What airport code is MXP?

MXPMalpensa Airport / Code
Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP, ICAO: LIMC) is the largest international airport in northern Italy, serving Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, as well as the Swiss Canton of Ticino.

Is Grenoble airport open all year?

Grenoble St Geoirs airport is really now only a winter airport, for the winter sports clientele. As far as I know, the only commercial flights in summer are occasional Ryanair flights on a couple of days a week.

Which airlines fly from UK to Grenoble?

Monarch, British Airways and EasyJet all provide direct flights from London to Grenoble. Monarch and British Airways fly from London Gatwick Airport. EasyJet fly from London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted.

How do you get to Grenoble France?

Three international airports

  1. LYON SAINT-EXUPÉRY (LYS) 115 direct destinations, 58 airlines. 60 mins from Grenoble.
  2. GRENOBLE ALPES ISÈRE (GNB) 19 direct destinations, 10 airlines. 45 mins from Grenoble.
  3. GENÈVE (GVA) 130 direct destinations, 54 airlines. 90 mins from Grenoble.

Can you fly to Grenoble in the summer?

What terminal is Lyon airport?

Lyon Airport has two terminals, numbered T1 and T2. The terminals are adjacent to one another and connected through indoor corridors, making it easy to connect on foot. Departure gates are located upstairs, with the arrivals areas on the ground floor.

Is Varese Milano Malpensa the same as MXP?

Malpensa Airport is located in Ferno, Varese, 49 km (30 miles) northwest of Milan. MXP Airport is a hub for Cargolux Italia, FedEx Express and EGO Airways. Also a focus city for Albastar, easyJet, Neos, Wizz Air, Malta Air and Air Horizont. Milan Malpensa Airport handled 28,846,299 passengers in 2019.

Are there 2 airports in Milan?

Milan has 3 international airports – Malpensa, Linate and nearby Bergamo airport. With more than 46 million annual passengers, Milan is the second busiest Italian city in airline traffic.