Is the 2020 Kia Cerato a good car?

Is the 2020 Kia Cerato a good car?

2020 Kia Cerato S DiscoverAuto Rating: 7.6/10 But as it stands, the Cerato S (with the necessary safety pack) is a great value for money small car with a solid driving experience, a spacious cabin and an excellent warranty.

Is Kia Cerato good for fuel?

Kia Cerato Fuel Consumption The Kia Cerato is available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by ULP fuel type(s). It has an estimated fuel consumption starting from 7.4L/100km for Hatchback /ULP for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Does a Kia Cerato have a timing belt or chain?

All modern vehicles engineered with an internal combustion engine requires a timing belt or chain. If you drive a Kia Rio, Picanto, Cerato, Sorento, Sedona, Venga, Optima, or Sportage, then you have a timing chain that is a critical component for your engine’s performance.

Does Kia Cerato have reverse camera?

The reversing camera on your Kia Cerato will be positioned in the rear panel of the vehicle and be wired in such a way that it will identify when you select reverse on your transmission. Once you’re in reverse, the display will show the camera feed.

Are Kias expensive to repair?

As an accessible brand with high-reliability ratings, Kias tend to be significantly cheaper to maintain than the average automobile, with an annual repair cost of around $474—far less than the average vehicle maintenance cost of $652.

Does Kia Cerato have park assist?

Read more. The activated sensors will display on the driver’s screen to show distance warnings (green, yellow, red) and chimes will sound accordingly. This button must be pressed to activate this parking assistance feature when you have been driving and are in a parking situation.

What are common issues with Kia?

From engine stalling problems to faulty airbags, here are some of the most common problems Kia owners face.

  • Engine Stalling. Many of Kia’s common issues come around in the form of recalls and a recent recall involved over 100,000 vehicles and their engines.
  • Fire Risk.
  • Faulty Airbags.
  • Model Specific.

What are major problems with Kia?

10 Biggest Problems with Kia’s New Cars

  • 3 Issues With Electronics.
  • 4 Few Safety Systems Compared To Competition.
  • 5 Transmission Reprogramming Issues.
  • 6 Engine Stalling.
  • 7 Fire Risk.
  • 8 Faulty Airbags. via AutomobilesReview.
  • 9 Poor Build Quality. Courtesy India Autos Blog.
  • 10 Lack Of Performance Model Options. Via Kia Media.