What country are Karens from?

What country are Karens from?

Geography. The Karen, pronounced Kah- Ren (emphasis on the second syllable), are indigenous to the Thailand-Burma border region in Southeast Asia and are one of the many ethnic groups in Burma. There are Karen people throughout the country presently known as Burma or Myanmar.

What does Paw mean in Karen?

Meanings of Some Common Karen Names.  Naw – Miss/Mrs.  Saw – Mr.  Paw – flower.

Is Karen and Kayin the same?

The Karen (/kəˈrɛn/ ( listen) kə-REN), also known as the Kayin, Kariang or Kawthoolese, are an ethnolinguistic group of Sino-Tibetan language–speaking peoples. The group as a whole is heterogeneous and disparate as many Karen ethnic groups do not associate or identify with each other culturally or linguistically.

Is Karenni the same as Burmese?

The Karenni, also known as the Kayah (Burmese: ကယားလူမျိုး) or Kayah Li, are a Karen people native to the Kayah State of Myanmar (Burma).

How do you say good morning in Karenni?

Good morning = Ghaw luh a ghay Good afternoon = Nee luh a ghay Good evening = Ha luh a ghay Good night = Na luh a ghay What is your name?

What language is Karenni?

Red karen or Karenni (Burmese: ကယား, Kayah Li: ꤊꤢꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬, Kayah) known in Burmese as Kayah, is a Karen dialect continuum spoken by over half a million Kayah people (Red Karen) in Burma….Red Karen language.

Ethnicity Kayah
Native speakers 187,000 (2000–2007)
Language family Sino-Tibetan Karen languages Sgaw–Bghai Karenni

What race is Karenni?

The Karenni are a branch of the Karen ethnic group – their name means the Red Karens. They live in Kayin (Karenni) state, one of the least developed areas of the country. Like many groups the Karenni have suffered attacks and have been forcibly removed from their land.

How do you say thank you in Karenni?

= Tee ban a tha khu doh mah. Thank you very much. = Ta bluh doh mah.

What is the population of Karenni USA?


Karenni-American Association’s Population
Total 16 1331

What is Karenni religion?

The main religion of Karenni people is Christianity (Including various denominations). In addition to Christianity, there is also a minority Buddhist population. The third main religion is the traditional Animist belief. Some Karenni people only believe in their Animist traditions.

How many Karenni people are there?

The Karenni population, not more than 300,000, is a plural community of several ethnics of hill Karen. They had very little encouragement under their own chiefs in the fields of social progress and economic development. For 40 years, however, they have stood together against Burmese occupation.

What makes you a Karen?

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