What does a geometry correction bracket do?

What does a geometry correction bracket do?

These brackets improve ride quality by eliminating front axle ‘precession’ caused by uncorrected suspension lift geometry. The corrected motion allows the front tires to move up and rearward (as they did on the stock vehicle) in response to a bump rather than trying to ‘lunge’ over it.

What does a Control Arm Drop kit do?

This kit is used to lower the upper and lower control arm mounting points when the XJ Cherokee is lifted at least 4.5in. Lowering the control arm mounting points reduces the arms angles and substantially improves ride quality and handling.

What is a drop bracket lift?

Essentially with a drop bracket, the front-rear suspension crossmember of the frame is cut out, and new crossmembers are added. The purpose of the new crossmembers are to lower the front differential so your front axles (CV’s) are more level with the front hubs so there’s less wear.

What are bracket lifts?

Bracket lift: places a literal bracket on the lower control arm mounts. The bracket has its own LCA mounts, allowing them to be mounted much lower, effectively raising the frame. Requires front diff to be dropped to keep u-joint angles in check, and usually requires new upper control arms for ball joint geometry.

Are longer control arms better?

Placing longer control arms under your rig helps to reduce the operating angles of the control arms once the rig is lifted. Longer control arms will also help smooth out the ride, increase travel potential, and reduce stress on the vehicle and its suspension components.

What’s the difference between a knuckle lift and a bracket lift?

The difference between a knuckle kit and a bracket-style kit is mostly in the upper A-arms and steering. The knuckle kit uses a longer (taller) knuckle that keeps the upper A-arm in the stock location while being lifted.

Do Jeep TJ need adjustable control arms?

Registered. As mentioned, you only need to get adjustable control arms if you have a CV style rear driveshaft with slip yoke eliminator where the correct pinion angle is directly in line with the driveshaft or to correct caster angle on the front axle.

Do you need new upper control arms for a 2.5 inch lift?

Yes, as far as caster correction, the front lower control arms will allow full correction.

Do you need new control arms for a 3.5 inch lift?

Registered. Yes, only need rear uppers to adjust the pinion angle for a double cardan. If you’re doing only front, which I recommend for 3.5, then you only need front lowers to set the caster angle.

What is a knuckle bracket?

The knuckle kit uses a longer (taller) knuckle that keeps the upper A-arm in the stock location while being lifted. The attachment point of the tie rod onto the knuckle is also kept in the stock location so these are no steering drop brackets needed.

Do I need new control arms for a 2.5 lift?

Are TJ and LJ control arms the same?

As long as you don’t have a long arm suspension system, the arms are exactly the same for TJ/LJ. On the LJ, the mounting locations for the rear arms are further rearward but the arms themselves are the same. The front end is identical to a TJ.

Do you need new control arms for 3 inch leveling kit?

The chance of having to replace the stock control arms if the 3″ kit is used. If you don’t mind your front suspension resting on / banging down on your bump-stops when traveling over northern roads then the 3″ kit will give the lift you want that will create a “solid” ride, but not safe.

How long are TJ control arms?

control arms will work from 0″-6″ as long as they adjust the lengths necessary. they’re measured eye-to-eye. stock lowers are 15.75″, stock front uppers are 15″ and stock rear uppers are 13.5″.