What does Agent Jones do?

What does Agent Jones do?

Agent John “Jonesy” Jones, or simply Jones is a former high ranking member of the Imagined Order who worked under the command of Doctor Slone. He then joined The Seven after getting help from The Foundation and betrayed IO in order to save Reality Zero, and is now a member for them.

What happened to Agent Jones?

He eventually returned when the Impostors mode was implemented. Agent Jones sent Impostors to the Bridge to disrupt the flow of operations within the Imagined Order. In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, Agent Jones is nowhere to be found. Several of his snapshots are on the island as non-playable characters, however.

How do I hire Agent Jones?

While they all have specific locations, Agent Jones has the possibility to spawn in four different locations (shown on the map above). Once you find one, you simply need to approach them and talk. One of the dialog options will feature a little person with a plus sign that you need to select.

How did Agent Jones betray the IO?

Accordingly, he’s built a bridge for the loopers to enter a new reality and escape the Queen’s wrath. Hence, Jones left the IO most likely because he was worried about the future of Fortnite. Instead of relying on Dr. Slone and her guards, he chose to get looped and save the island himself.

How strong is Fortnite Jonesy?

The maximum backpack slots is 200, and let’s say it’s full of full stacks of silver ore. A silver bar is about 7 pounds, which if multiplied by 200 and 200 again, all characters can carry 280000 pounds of silver.

Who is the IO in Fortnite?

Overview. The Imagined Order, often referred to as just IO, is an ancient organization that has been in charge of The Loop for thousands of years. They have been living in the shadows until Chapter 2: Season 2, where The Looper got rifted into The Bridge during The Device Event.

Why is Jonesy so popular?

Their designs cannot be beaten and are the reason why Jonesy has stayed so iconic throughout the seasons. It can be hard to choose just one Jonesy skin for your character as there are so many options. Luckily, picking one of the best in Fortnite is always a solid choice that no teammate will be able to deny.

How old is Midas from Fortnite?

Realistically, Midas is made out of pure gold and can conceal his age easily. However, if popular speculation is to be believed, then Midas is around 40 to 45 years old in Fortnite.

Is peely a Jonesy?

Peely is mostly based and inspired on bananas from various memes, such as “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” and “I’m a Banana”. According to one of Fortnite’s shorts, Banana Rift, Peely was created when Jonesy and a banana went into a rift.

Who can I hire in Fortnite?

Here’s a list of all the names who can assist you in battle this time around.

  • The Imagined – Northeast of The Daily Bugle.
  • Agent Jones – 7 Outposts.
  • Brainiac – The Joneses.
  • Jonesy The First – The Joneses.

Is Sloane evil Fortnite?

Revealed towards the end of Operation: Sky Fire, Slone turned out to be evil. It was also foreshadowed at the end of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic Series where she is seen working with Lex Luthor, The Batman Who Laughs, and Deathstroke Zero.

What is the 7 in Fortnite?

The Seven are the seven sentient beings who are sworn to protect The Zero Point at any costs. They were the one who started the Fortnite: Battle Royale storyline back in Season 3.

Is Midas part of The Seven?

Fortnite’s Midas reimagined as member of The Seven, leaves fans impressed. The exceptional concept art comes from artist Rainb0wArt on Twitter. It sees Midas in full Seven armor, complete with a removable mask, like Dwayne Johnson’s The Foundation.

How old is Skye?

Technically, if we treat the February 20, 2020 release date as a birth date, Skye is just 76 days old.

Is Midas Jules dad in Fortnite?

Jules is the daughter of Midas, an international crime boss and an A.L.T.E.R. member.

Is Peely alive?

Peely Bone is most likely not the original Peely, and is instead one of many bananas from the Ripening Ritual loading screen, as Peely is still alive. He has his own Fortnite Short.

Where does LT John llama spawn?

Lt. John Llama resides in an area located south of Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one. The map below should help you find him on your first try, and you can also hire Lt. John Llama for 95 gold bars or purchase an Exotic Boom Sniper Rİfle for 600 gold bars from him to bolster your loadout.