What is a Flickr badge?

A Flickr badge is an object that displays public photos from Flickr.

Can you tell if someone looks at your Flickr?

Flickr provides no data on who viewed a photo, only data on the referrer page of the viewer.

What does Flickr Pro give you?

Pro accounts allow you to visit Flickr pages and not see any ads for $25 per year.. Ad-free accounts will allow you to visit Flickr pages and not see any ads, for $50 per year. Free accounts will see ads on Flickr pages. Visitors to Pro account pages will not see ads on those pages.

What does Friends mean on Flickr?

It means that only people you have designated as “friend” or “family” can see those photos. You can designate any “friend” or “family” by following them on Flickr as “friend” or “family”.

Is Flickr anonymous?

Flickr doesn’t provide for anonymous sharing of photos. You might want to consider opening a new account and uploading your photos to it. That way, your current account wouldn’t be involved.

How do I find someone’s Flickr account?

At upper right on every Flickr page is a Search box. Start typing in it. The default is “Search everyone’s photos.” But you can click ‘more search types’ and choose “Flickr members”. So type the person’s user name there.

Is it worth paying for Flickr Pro?

So if you want to use Flickr as an inexpensive online backup for your photo, then the Pro account is the way to go. It’s also great for being able to access your photos from anywhere, any time, and you know they are safe in the event your computer is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Is Flickr still going?

In 2015, once Google Photos became independent of the infamous Google+ social network, Flickr quickly fell out of favor, despite a quick response with its Uploadr app.

How does Flickr define family?

Mark a contact as “friends” or “family”

  1. Hover over You, select People, you’ll be taken to this page.
  2. Click List.
  3. Click edit to the right of your follower’s name.
  4. Select your preferred relationship.
  5. Click Ok.

How do I share Flickr photos with friends?

Here’s how you can:

  1. Click a photo to open it.
  2. Click the Share icon.
  3. Click Email.
  4. Enter the recipient’s Flickr screen name or email address.
  5. Enter a message.
  6. Click Share.

What happens when you flag a photo on Flickr?

If they are seeing “Flag This Photo” then they are on someone else’s page, and the Hide From Searches tick box is not available to them.

How do I report a photo on Flickr?

Go to a page that has an example.. or her profile page, and click the “report abuse” link at the bottom of the page. You can choose “other concerns” if you want to outline your concerns to Flickr staff.

Who follows me on Flickr?

When you’re on your photostream, you’ll see the number of followers/following, by clicking on either one, you are brought to the complete list of your followers/following.

Does Flickr need a Yahoo account?

Oh joy, oh rapture, unsubdued, Flickr’s login is no longer tied to Yahoo. The photo-sharing platform announced today that it will roll out a new system to members over the next few weeks that doesn’t require a Yahoo ID.

Can Flickr photos be private?

Flickr allows you to determine who can see your photos. Set any photo to public or private at any time. You can also make your photos available to friends, family, or friends & family, without sharing them publicly.

Are pictures on Flickr public?

Flickr is an online image and video hosting service and community. By default, all images on Flickr are public. When an image is public, anyone may view and download it.

Is Flickr better than Google photos?

It depends on your needs. If you need to have photos stored at above 16-megapixel quality, Flickr cloud be the better choice for you. If the photo and video compression is not a problem for you, and you just want to enjoy unlimited storage for free, Google Photos is undoubtedly the best choice.