What is a slipper spring on a trailer?

What is a slipper spring on a trailer?

Slipper Spring Suspension Slipper springs have an eye on the front of the spring and an arched open end on the rear, allowing the spring to “slip” on the equalizer or rear hanger.

Are slipper springs any good?

These springs feature an eye at one end, and open leaves at the other. These form a tail which are inserted into a hanger that is welded to the trailer chassis. Slipper springs provide an effective and durable suspension system, and are suitable for both single axle and tandem axle trailers with an ATM up to 1,990 kg.

Do you grease slipper springs?

Re: Slipper spring question UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) needs no lubrication or grease or UHMW-PE (polyethelene)(red in color) is even better as one of it’s recommended uses is for suspension wear plates.

What leaf springs do I need for my trailer?

Trailer leaf springs need to be selected based on the axle weight rating, as well as on the spring type (slipper or double-eye), length and width dimensions. Axles usually have a sticker or plate on them that provides their weight rating. It is important to note a few things about replacement springs.

Are slipper springs OK off road?

Re: A Question About Slipper Springs…. They allow you to easily fit bigger tyres if need, give better/softer ride off road. If your intention is mainly on road with only a very little dirt road stuff the slipper is a fine option.

Do trailer leaf springs wear out?

A leaf spring should be replaced if it is badly rusted, has cracks or breaks in its leaves or if it is sagging. A 14-year-old travel trailer could certainly be in need of new leaf springs. The keys to selecting correct replacement leaf springs are to match your axle capacity, number of leaves and spring size.

Can you put bigger leaf springs on a trailer?

Expert Reply: You can use leaf springs that are rated higher than the axle without any issues as long as they measure the correct measurement for your trailer.

Are leaf springs better for towing?

In terms of function, leaf spring suspensions are much simpler, since the axle is suspended by the spring, and does not require the complicated suspension geometry of the coil-spring set-up. Leaf springs are also much sturdier, and are capable of handling much higher loads with less deflection than coils.

Can you put heavier leaf springs on a trailer?

Expert Reply: You can use heavier-duty leaf springs like part # SP-218275 on your tandem axle boat trailer. The dimensions of the springs are the same so you will have no problem installing the new springs. The ride may be a bit stiffer with the new springs but they will work just fine on your trailer.

How do I know what size leaf spring I need?

Measure from the center of the front bushing in a straight line to the center of the rear bushing for DOUBLE-EYE leaf spring, or to the furthest inside point of an OPEN-EYE leaf spring. Measure from the center of front bushing in a straight line to the end of spring for HOOK-END, FLAT-END and RADIUS END leaf springs.

How do I choose a leaf spring?

First, one must realize that trailer leaf springs must be chosen according to the trailer axle weight rating, spring type (Slipper or double-eye), length, and breadth parameters. Axles are typically marked with a sticker or plate indicating their weight rating.

How often should you replace trailer leaf springs?

Regular boat trailer leaf springs last two or three years on average. **Remember, when upgrading to torsion axles from leaf springs, plan on raising your boat trailer fenders up a few inches to give your trailer tires the clearance they need.

Are longer leaf springs better?

The biggest advantage to long springs is better ride. As the years go, truck and SUV’s are getting longer rear leaf springs. They support load just as well long or short, but the bump dynamics are better with longer springs. In general, longer springs have a lower deflection rate which helps to absorb bumps better.

How do I increase tow ball capacity?

If you need a greater tow ball weight capacity on your vehicle, you need to start at the tow tongue and work your way back. In some cases, you can just upgrade the tongue, or the tow bar. If you need more than that though, you are going to have to consult the manufacturer, external engineer or suspension shops.

How much weight can a leaf spring hold?

There is usually two capacities listed on a leaf spring. The spring capacity and the axle capacity. For the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring # SP-212275 that you referenced it has a spring capacity of 1,750 lbs meaning that the individual spring can handle 1,750 lbs.