What is AGA Total Control?

What is AGA Total Control?

The AGA Total Control goes a level beyond the Dual Control model by having separate controls for each oven (as well as individual hotplates). In addtion, you can programme the ovens to be on (up to full heat) ready for when you need them (on a ‘7-day’ basis, much like you’d set up your central heating).

How do I control the temperature on my AGA?

In the unlikely event that the ovens are not hot enough, it is simply a case of turning the control valve slightly(!) to the left until you get the required temperature. If the temperature is too high, turn the control valve slightly to the right – it really is that easy.

Does AGA ovens stay on all the time?

The electric AGA Dual Control’s ovens are on all the time, but can be turned down to economy setting to save energy. The hotplates can be turned on and off independently.

What temperature is an AGA oven?

AGA SPECIFICATIONS The 2 oven features a simmering plate (400 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre), boiling plate (800 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre), plus a roasting/baking oven (300-500 degrees Fahrenheit) and a combined simmering and warming oven (100-300 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is AGA slumber mode?

slumber mode. Auto. This mode setting brings selected ovens up to full heat from off. The ovens can be selected to operate once or twice each day. Each operation is termed an ‘event’, the start and finish time is chosen by you unless you use the pre-set time.

What is aims on an AGA?

AIMS – AGA Intelligent Management System. AIMS – is a sophisticated program that allows you to adjust the temperature of your AGA to suit your lifestyle and way of cooking.

Which oven is which on a 4 oven Aga?

The four oven has roasting, baking, simmering and warming ovens whilst the two oven has a combined roasting and baking oven and combined simmering and warming oven. The ovens have varied temperature settings for different types of cooking.

How much does an AGA cost to run daily?

Fuel / Model 2 Oven 3 Oven
Simmering Plate 0.24 kW/h (5p per hour / £1.21 per day)
Hotcupboard for 7 Series (and Dual / Total Control) Five Oven Models
Slow-cooking and plate-warming ovens 0.32 kW/h (6.7p per hour / £1.61 per day)
AGA 60 and eR3 Series Cost per Week

Which Aga oven is 140 degrees?

The roasting oven (top right) has an average temperature of between 220c-240c (depending on the shelf position inside the oven) and the simmering oven (top left) sits at 115-140c. The baking oven (bottom right) is around 190c and the warming oven (bottom left) has a temperature of approx 65c.

How can I make my Aga more efficient?

It’s not a question of using less fuel for the Aga range cooker but about offsetting it by using less elsewhere….

  1. The fridge freezer is your enemy!
  2. Tap water is cruel to your Aga range cooker!
  3. Use the simmering oven to simmer things – that’s what it’s there for!
  4. Use BIG pans on the hotplate!
  5. Use hob covers!

Which side of the AGA is hotter?

The boiling plate is on the left hand side and the simmering plate is on the right hand side of the AGA Dual Control. The boiling plate is the hottest with the simmering plate being the cooler of the two.

How can I improve my aims AGA?

If cooking is required when the Aga is in the AIMS programme i.e ‘Low’ or ‘Slumber’, you can boost the cooking temperature by pressing the Button which will bring the Aga upto ‘Normal’ operating temperature. This will take up to 2 hours from ‘Low’ and 4 hours from ‘Slumber’.

How long does an AGA take to warm up?

around eight hours
Yes, we recommend that one of the AGA cooker hoods (see right) are used when venting to the room. How long will the ovens take to heat up from cold? The ovens will typically take around eight hours to reach full heat from cold.

How do you turn on an Aga oven?

Turn the gas valve control knob 2 anti-clockwise to the position ( ) (see fig. B). Press down firmly and hold the knob in this position while depressing the piezo ignitor 3 several times until the pilot has lit. This can be observed through the viewing window.

Which oven is which on a 4 oven AGA?

Which side of AGA is hotter?