What is Amore the pixie of?

What is Amore the pixie of?

Amore is the Pixie of Love (Pixie of Feelings in the Nickelodeon dub). She is Stella’s bonded pixie. She debuts in the first episode of Season 2, and also the first episode of the PopPixie series.

Who is Chatta Winx Club?

Chatta or (Chatter in Movie 1) is the Pixie of Gossip and is Flora’s bonded pixie. In Season 2, Chatta helped Flora express her feelings to Helia, which resulted in Flora earning her Charmix. Chatta usually translates Piff’s baby talk.

What is caramel the pixie of?

Pixie of Super Strength
Possessions. Caramel is one of the pixies in the PopPixie series. She is the Pop Pixie of Super Strength. She debuts in the second episode of Season 6 of the Winx Club series, and in the first episode of the PopPixie series.

What is a pixie pop?

Pixie Pop (Japanese: ゴックン! ぷーちょ, Hepburn: Gokkun! Pūcho) is a shōjo manga created by Ema Toyama. The series was first published in 2004 by Kodansha. Pixie Pop was then later translated and released on 13 February 2007 by Tokyopop.

What happened to tune in Winx Club?

Tune appears to be younger in PopPixie as compared to her Winx Club version. Tune’s late 4Kids voice actress, Michal Friedman, died from complications of giving birth to healthy twins from a Cesarian-section on November 25, 2011.

Which Pixie belongs to which Winx?

The Pixies in the movie Magical Adventure. The Pixies are magical creatures of the Magic Dimension. They appear in Winx Club as being bonded to many fairies….Trivia.

Pixies Martino • Fixit • Pam • Morpho • Plasto • Camilla • Mola • Giga • Glim • Camelia
Elves Rex • Floxy • Lenny • Maxine • Narcissa • Yucca

What happened to tune and digit in Winx Club?

In Season 6 of Winx Club, Digit is replaced by Caramel as Tecna’s bonded pixie for unknown reasons.

Which pixie belongs to which Winx?

Where do Pixies come from?

pixie, also spelled pixy, in the folklore of southwestern England, tiny elflike spirit or mischievous fairy dressed in green who dances in the moonlight to the music of frogs and crickets. Its favourite pastimes are leading travelers astray and frightening young maidens.

What is J pixie music?

J-Pixie music is pop-punk, with a flavour of metal, from Japan, mostly sang by women. It sounds a bit like Japanese versions of Paramore and Escape The Fate.

Who is Tecna’s pixie?

Digit is the Pixie of Nanotechnology. They are Tecna’s bonded pixie. They are extremely immaculate, logical, precise and mathematical and shows little emotion. An obvious match for Tecna which leads to the two of them having an extremely close relationship.

Who is Roxy’s bonded pixie?

Roxy’s pixie was born when she first transformed into Magic Winx in season 4. They haven’t actually met and cemented the bond yet. This is Gossamer, The Pixie of Embroidery. Like most Pixies she is possessive and obsessive, but otherwise she’s fairly low key and quiet.

What is the name of Musa’s pixie?

Cherie is the Pixie of Weather and is Musa’s alternative bonded Pixie.

Who is Musa’s bonded pixie?

Tune is Musa’s bonded pixie, and the Pixie of Manners (PopPixie of Vocal Power in PopPixie). She and Musa often butt heads, due to having contrasting personalities. Tune believes in being ladylike, at which contrasts with her bonded fairy, Musa, who is famous for her outgoing and tomboyish behavior.

What powers does a pixie have?

Pixie belongs to the subspecies of humans called mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. Her mutation grants her pixie-like eyes, colorful wings that allow her to fly, and “pixie dust” which causes hallucinations.

What does a pixie symbolize?

a pixie with butterfly wings is a unique tattoo design that represents nature, rebirth, and transformation.

Is digit a boy or girl Winx?

In PopPixie, Digit seems to have retained most of their original design unlike the other pixies bonded with the Winx, but due to Digit’s gender being changed to male in this series, Digit’s skirt is removed. To further accentuate Digit’s transition to becoming male, the large eyelashes are removed.

Who is the strongest pixie?

Caramel is the Pixie of Super Strength and is Tecna’s alternative bonded Pixie.

Who is floras pixie?

Chatta is the Pixie of Chatter and is Flora’s bonded pixie. Tune is the Pixie of Etiquette, or Good Manners, and her bonded fairy is Musa.