What is Israel Palestine conflict for kids?

What is Israel Palestine conflict for kids?

The Palestinians started their own army, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The Palestinians have fought back, and started intifadas (wars) against Israel, including sending missiles into Israel and sending Palestinians into Israel to blow up Israelis. Palestinian children throw rocks at Israeli soldiers.

How do you teach kids about Palestine?

How do we talk to our children about Palestine

  1. Educate yourself. This is especially important if you have older kids who might ask more in-depth questions.
  2. Find out what they already know.
  3. Raise a critical thinker.
  4. Check your biases.
  5. Don’t get stuck on a single story.
  6. Stand by your values.
  7. Look for the helpers.
  8. Keep learning.

What is the cause of the conflict between Israel and Palestine quizlet?

The dispute arose from the CONFLICTING CLAIMS TO THE LAND. The land that the Jewish people considered their ancestral homeland and sought to reestablish as a Jewish state was also regarded as historically belonging to the Palestinians by the Arabs.

Where should I start learning about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Teaching Resources

  • TeachMideast | The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
  • Rethinking Schools | Independence or Catastrophe?
  • The New York Times Learning Network | Teaching About the Current Conflict in Gaza and Israel.
  • Teach Palestine.
  • PBS Newshour Extra | Studying Israel-Palestine Conflict Through Media Literacy Lens.

Does Palestine have a state?

Palestine (Arabic: فلسطين, romanized: Filasṭīn), officially the State of Palestine (دولة فلسطين, Dawlat Filasṭīn), is a de jure sovereign state in Western Asia….State of Palestine.

State of Palestine دولة فلسطين‎ (Arabic) Dawlat Filasṭīn
Legislature National Council
• Declaration of Independence 15 November 1988

When did the conflict between Israel and Palestine start?

May 14, 1948
The Arab-Israeli War of 1948 broke out when five Arab nations invaded territory in the former Palestinian mandate immediately following the announcement of the independence of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948.

What is the main reason for the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East quizlet?

When did Palestine fall?

In the late 330s BCE, Alexander the Great conquered Palestine on his way to Egypt. The conquest was a relatively uncomplicated as Persian control of the region had already waned.

What started this conflict in Israel?

“When Britain announced that it was withdrawing its troops from the region, David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, declared the establishment of Israel as a new state in Palestine, which led to the first Arab-Israeli war because the neighboring Arab countries declared war on Israel to stop it from …

Who started the war in Israel?

In June 1967, following a series of maneuvers by Egyptian President Abdel Gamal Nasser, Israel preemptively attacked Egyptian and Syrian air forces, starting the Six-Day War.

Why did Palestine become a center of conflict?

Palestine became a center of conflict with Balfour Declaration. This stated that the British supported Jewish immigration and Palestine had to create their own homeland. The Declaration being announced threatened those who were living in Palestine since they already had been promised their independence.