What is Minitest?

Minitest is a testing tool for Ruby that provides a complete suite of testing facilities. It also supports behaviour-driven development, mocking and benchmarking. With the release of Ruby 1.9, it was added to Ruby’s standard library, which increased its popularity.

What is Minitest in Ruby on Rails?

What is Minitest? Minitest is a testing suite for Ruby. It provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), mocking, and benchmarking. It’s small, fast, and it aims to make tests clean and readable.

What are RSpec fixtures?

Fixtures allow you to define a large set of sample data ahead of time and store them as YAML files inside your spec directory, inside another directory called fixtures. When you’re test sweep first starts up RSpec will use those fixture files to prepopulate your database tables.

What are Ruby fixtures?

Fixtures are data that you can feed into your unit testing. They are automatically created whenever rails generates the corresponding tests for your controllers and models. They are only used for your tests and cannot actually be accessed when running the application.

How do you run a Minitest?

To run a Minitest test, the only setup you really need is to require the autorun file at the beginning of a test file: require ‘minitest/autorun’ . This is good if you’d like to keep the code small. A better way to get started with Minitest is to have Bundler create a template project for you.

What does rake db prepare do?

On subsequent attempts, it is a good idea to first run db:test:prepare, as it first checks for pending migrations and warns you appropriately. Basically it handles cloning the database so you don’t have to run the migrations against test to update the test database.

What is describe in RSpec?

The word describe is an RSpec keyword. It is used to define an “Example Group”. You can think of an “Example Group” as a collection of tests. The describe keyword can take a class name and/or string argument.

What is Factory in RSpec?

RSpec provides an easy API to write assertions for our tests, while Factory Bot allows us to create stubbed in data for our tests.

What does rake db seed do?

When you run rake db:seed , it will load all the admin data into your application. Rails seeding is generally for development and/or staging environments; there are only a few uses in production.

What are the tests for Rails?

By default, every Rails application has three environments: development, test, and production. The database for each one of them is configured in config/database. yml . A dedicated test database allows you to set up and interact with test data in isolation.

How do I test a Rails controller?

The currently accepted way to test rails controllers is by sending http requests to your application and writing assertions about the response. Rails has ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest which provides integration tests for Minitest which is the Ruby standard library testing framework.

How should you use Content_for and yield?

Within your views, the best practice is to stick to yield :my_content to recall the content, and content_for :my_content do… end to render the content. Show activity on this post. So, using yield you can define the sections in your view/layouts and you use content_for for adding contents to those sections.

What is the difference between Rake and Ruby?

rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. rails is a web framework, which also has some rake tasks. This means that you can have a ruby program with rake but without rails, but not the other way around. By itself, rake will be faster because you don’t need to load the whole rails application.

How do I run a specific RSpec test?

Running tests by their file or directory names is the most familiar way to run tests with RSpec. RSpec can take a file name or directory name and run the file or the contents of the directory. So you can do: rspec spec/jobs to run the tests found in the jobs directory.

What is an example in RSpec *?

The word it is another RSpec keyword which is used to define an “Example”. An example is basically a test or a test case. Again, like describe and context, it accepts both class name and string arguments and should be used with a block argument, designated with do/end.

What is Factory Girl gem?

Gems like Factory Girl and Sham allow you to create templates for valid and re-usable objects. They were created in response to fixtures which where fixed records that had to be loaded into the database.

What is a bot factory?

If the word bot factory makes you think of a horde of collaborative mobile robots scuttling around a big warehouse, then think again. In contrast to a smart factory, a bot factory is entirely about a form of software deployed for standardized and recurring tasks.

How do I clear a db seed?

You can delete everything and recreate database + seeds with both:

  1. rake db:reset : loads from schema. rb.
  2. rake db:drop db:create db:migrate db:seed : loads from migrations.