What is the real name of Monitha?

What is the real name of Monitha?

Shobha ShettyMounitha / Played by

What is the age of Premi Viswanath?

30 years (December 2, 1991)Premi Viswanath / Age

What is the age of Monitha in Karthika Deepam?

She then acted in the serial, ‘Karthika Deepam’, which is aired on Star Maa, in which, she played a negative role as ‘Monitha’….All Wiki Biography:

Age (as in 2021) 31 Years
Birth Place Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hometown Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Who is the writer of Karthika Deepam serial?

Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu-language television series which airs on Star Maa. It originally starred Premi Viswanath, Paritala Nirupam and Shoba Shetty as main leads from 2017 to Feb. 2022….Karthika Deepam (Telugu TV series)

Karthika Deepam
No. of episodes 1300+ (as of April 2022)
Producer Gutha Venkateswararao
Editor Phani Bhat

Does Premi Viswanath have kids?

Children: 1 son. Height(approx): in centimeters– 167 cm in meters– 1.67 m in feet inches– 5′ 6” Occupation: Model, Indian Television actress, Host. Mother tongue: Malayalam.

What is the age of Manjula paritala?

32 years (May 9, 1990)Manjula Paritala / Age

Why did Shobha Shetty get removed from Rukku serial?

Rukku marked the TV comeback of actress Shoba Shetty after a gap of a few years. Shedding her glamorous avatar, Shoba played the role of a naive village belle, who is the lone breadwinner of the family. However, the actress could not continue to be a part of the show owing to her hectic schedule.

Who is Monita in Karthika Deepam serial?

Shobha Shetty
Nirupam Paritala (Karthik aka Doctor Babu), Premi Viswanath (Deepa aka Vantalakka), Shobha Shetty (Monitha), Baby Krithika (Sourya), and Baby Sahruda (Hima) are now not a part of the show.

What is the real name of Hima in Karthika Deepam?

Biography Facts

Name Baby Sahruda
Other Names Sahruda Frooty, B Sahruda, Hima
Occupation Actress
Gender Female
Date of Birth 04 September 2008

Is Monitha pregnant in Karthika Deepam?

In the recent episode, Monitha made a shocking revelation that she is naturally pregnant with Karthik’s child and swears to get operated only if Karthik signs the documents as her husband.

Who is the heroine of Karthika Deepam?

Premi ViswanathDeepa
Shobha ShettyMounithaYashvi KanakalaSrilathaArchana Shastry
Karthika Deepam/Actresses

Are Manjula and Keerthi sisters?

Parents & Siblings Manjula has two sisters. Her younger sister, Keerthi is also an actress.

Who is Manjula Nirupam?

Manjula Paritala is an Indian actress who predominantly works in the Tamil and Telugu television industries. Manjula is known for portraying Nethra in Colors Tamil TV serial, “Perazhagi” (2018). She is also famous for being the wife of television actor Nirupam Paritala.

Is Rukku serial ended?

Kannada TV show Rukku will soon be going off-air. The show will air the final episode on Friday (May 14). Although Rukku premiered at the beginning of the year (2021), the makers aren’t happy with the TRPs and decided to end it, industry sources suggest.

Is Deepa dead in Karthika Deepam?

As reported earlier, Karthika Deepam will showcase one of the biggest twists in the show ever. Karthik and Deepam will be killed in a road accident as revealed in the latest teaser.

Who is Sahruda fruity?

Baby Sahruda is also known as Sahruda Frooty, B Sahruda, Hima is an Actress from India. Age 13 years (04 September 2008) born in Warangal, Telangana, India.

How did Mounitha get pregnant in Karthika Deepam?

For the unversed, Monitha has been claiming she got pregnant with Karthik’s child through artificial insemination all this while. She got released from prison on parole recently and demanded Karthik to marry her.

Does Kartik marry Monitha?

Karthik, who was very confident, refused to neither marry Monitha nor flee to the US.

Why is karthigai celebrated?

Karthigai is essentially a festival of lamps. The lighted lamp is considered an auspicious symbol. It is believed to ward off evil forces and usher in prosperity and joy. While the lighted lamp is important for all Hindu rituals and festivals, it is indispensable for Karthigai.

Is Devatha serial a remake?

Devatha was a successfully running Telugu TV serial, which was telecasted at 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm. from Monday to Friday on Gemini TV. It is a remake of a Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam which was telecasted on Sun TV. It was remade in Hindi as Pavitra Rishta.