Where does the erector spinae originate?

Where does the erector spinae originate?

The erector spinae muscles are a group of long muscles that originate near the sacrum and extend vertically up the length of the back. The erector spinae muscles lie on each side of the vertebral column and extend alongside the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical sections of the spine.

What movement is created by the erector spinae?

The function of the spinal erectors is to move the vertebral column. Bilateral contraction of these muscles extends the spine, while unilateral contraction causes lateral flexion (ipsilateral). They also help to maintain posture by steadying the spine on the pelvis during walking.

What 3 muscles make up the erector spinae?

These three muscles include: Longissimus capitis Longissimus cervicis Longissimus thoracis[1] The erector spinae muscles, including longissimus, are the most powerful extensors of the vertebral column.

Can you pull your erector spinae?

Nine times out of ten, an erector spinae muscle tear is not serious and in most cases, they will eventually disappear on their own. However, it can be very debilitating. It may be weeks before the back starts to feel easier again unless you get the correct treatment promptly.

What are the erector spinae muscles its origin and insertion?

The erector spinae muscle group consists of three parts which include the spinalis, longissimus, and iliocostalis….Longissimus Muscle.

Muscle Origin Insertion
Longissimus thoracis L1-L5 vertebrae; Sacrum; Posterior iliac crest; Ilium Transverse process of vertebrae T1-L5; Lower 6 ribs

Do deadlifts work erector spinae?

In terms of the erector spinae, the great thing about the deadlift is it works all of your erector spinae muscles, so it gets your lower back, mid back and upper back. Every fiber of your erector spinae is going to strengthen with this one! And of course your other back muscles too.

What is the origin insertion and action of the spinalis?

Spinalis muscle

Origin Capitis: spinous processes of C7 – T1 vertebrae Cervicis: spinous processes of C7 – T1 vertebrae; nuchal ligament Thoracis: spinous process of T11 – L2
Insertion Capitis: occipital bone (midline) Cervicis: spinous process of C2 – C4 vertebrae Thoracis: spinous process of T2 – T8 vertebrae

What is the origin of the spinalis?

The spinalis is the body’s most medial, or closest to the midline of the body, deep back muscle and originates at the spinous processes (bony projections at the back of each vertebra) of the lower spinal vertebrae.

How do you target the erector spinae?

Back extension Muscles worked: Back extensions are great for targeting your back extensor muscles, known as the erector spinae muscles. They also target your hamstrings and glutes to some extent, depending on the variation you’re doing.

How do you work out your erector spinae?

The superman trains the erector spinae as an extensor by having you lift your legs and arms off of the ground by flexing your lower back and then holding this position. Your lower back will have to work to initiate the movement and stabilize to hold the top position isometrically.

What exercises strengthen the erector spinae muscles?

Free weight erector spinae exercises:

  • Deadlifts. The deadlift is the king of back exercises, and arguably all exercises.
  • Rack Pulls. Rack pulls will train your entire back, just as a deadlift does on the top portion of the lift.
  • Stiff-legged Deadlifts. What is this?
  • Good Mornings. What is this?
  • Bent Over Rows.

What is the origin of splenius cervicis?

Splenius cervicis muscle

Origin Spinous processes of T3 – T6 vertebrae
Insertion Transverse processes of C1 – C3 vertebrae
Action Unilateral contraction: lateral flexion and rotation of neck (ipsilateral) Bilateral contraction: extension of neck
Innervation Lateral branches of posterior rami of lower cervical spinal nerves

What is the origin of the longissimus?

Longissimus cervicis originates from the transverse processes of the first 5 thoracic vertebrae (T1-T5). It ascends between the tendons of longissimus capitis and longissimus thoracis to insert at the posterior tubercle of the transverse processes of vertebrae C2-C6.

Which exercise works the erector spinae muscle?

Rack Pull. The rack pull is a deadlift variation that — similar to a standard deadlift — trains all of your erector spinae muscles, lower back, mid-back, and upper back muscles. Rack pulls have you pull with a partial range of motion, with the bar starting at either just above or just below the knee.

How can I strengthen my erector muscles?

Erector Spinae Strengthening Exercises

  1. Bird Dog. The bird dog exercise not only tones the erector spinae but also builds strength throughout your core.
  2. Prone Superman. The prone superman strengthens muscles along your spine.
  3. Standing Superman. This erector spinae exercise also helps improve your balance.
  4. Deadlift.