Where does the Sepik River start and end?

Where does the Sepik River start and end?

Bismarck SeaSepik River / MouthThe Bismarck Sea lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean within the nation of Papua New Guinea. It is located northeast of the island of New Guinea and south of the Bismarck Archipelago. It has coastlines in districts of the Islands Region, Momase Region, and Papua Region. Wikipedia

Where is the Sepik River located?

of Papua New Guinea
Sepik River, formerly Kaiserin Augusta, one of the largest rivers on the island of New Guinea, southwestern Pacific Ocean. It rises in the Victor Emanuel Range of the central highlands of Papua New Guinea, near Telefomin.

What is the drainage pattern of Sepik River?

Unlike many other large rivers, the Sepik has no delta whatsoever, but flows straight into the sea, about 100 kilometres (60 mi) east of the town of Wewak. It is navigable for most of its length. The river has a total length of 1,126 kilometres (700 mi) and has a drainage basin of over 80,000 km2 (31,000 sq mi).

What countries does Sepik flow through?

The Sepik River flows 700 miles through Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and was untouched by Europeans until 1885 when Germans began to explore its region.

Where does the Sepik River start?

Victor Emanuel RangeSepik River / SourceThe Victor Emanuel Range is a limestone mountain range in the New Guinea Highlands of western Papua New Guinea. It was named after the King of Italy by the Italian naturalist Luigi D’Albertis while he was charting the course of the Fly River, which originates at this range. Wikipedia

What is the length of Sepik River?

712.1 miSepik River / Length

Why is the Sepik River important?

While logging, mining and large-scale agriculture operations have been threatening forests, rivers and wetlands in many parts of the country, the Sepik region has remained essentially unspoiled, the river serving as a vital source of food, water, transportation and community identity.

Why is the Sepik River famous?

The Sepik River is famous for its beautiful wood carvings and clay pottery. In the same way, each clan’s traditions are unique, so is their art. Unique in the style, colors, and design, and taking various shapes depending on the villages: stools, masks, totems, house posts, hooks, drums, and shields.

What is the source of Sepik River?

Victor Emanuel RangeSepik River / Source

The source of the Sepik River has been established to be in the Victor Emmanuel Range that is located in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea. From its source, the river snakes northward before turning east and finally discharging into the Bismarck Sea.

How big is the Sepik River?

Over 900 km long, the Sepik River forms the largest unpolluted freshwater system in New Guinea. It is also one of the largest and most intact freshwater basins in Asia-Pacific.

What is the Sepik River known for?

The Sepik River is PNG’s longest, free flowing river and one of the largest and most intact river basins in the entire Asia Pacific region. It sustains the region’s incredible biodiversity as well as a remarkable diversity of cultures, languages and communities.