Which is the biggest snake temple in India?

Which is the biggest snake temple in India?

The famous Nagaraja temple “Mannarasala” in Haripad is nestled in a forest glade, like most snake temples. The Mannarasala Temple has over 100,000 images of snakes along the paths and among the trees, and is the largest such temple in Kerala, India.

Which district is Mannarasala?

Alappuzha district
Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja temple located near Harippad in Alappuzha district is a serpent shrine under the patronage of a Brahmin family.

Is Churidar allowed in Mannarasala Temple?

Traditional wears are the most preferable attire while visiting the Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple. Women can wear Saree, Churidar, and Pavada and blouse to this temple. Men are not allowed to wear shirts while entering the Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple.

What is Noorum Palum Pooja?

Noorum palum is a mixture of turmeric powder, rice flour, milk, tender coconut, and banana given as offering to the serpent deities in temples and sarppakavus in Kerala.

Who is the snake god in India?

Manasa, goddess of snakes, worshipped mainly in Bengal and other parts of northeastern India, chiefly for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and general prosperity.

Which district is haripad?

Alappuzha District
Haripad is a Municipality in Alappuzha District located between Alappuzha and Kollam on the National Highway 66.

What is the pin code of Haripad Kerala?

690514Haripad / Zip code

Who is king snake?

Adisesha, the king of the serpents and the mount of Narayana, is his elder brother, and Manasa, another naga, is his sister. Vasuki is Shiva’s snake, depicted around his neck….

King of the Sārpas
The serpent Vasuki coiled around the neck of the deity Shiva
Affiliation Nāga
Abode Earth

What is haripad famous for?

The two most famous temples in Haripad are Subrahmanya Swamy temple and Mannarasala Temple. The Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Haripad is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. Dedicated to Subrahmanya Swamy, it is believed that the temple was established even before the advent of Kali Yuga.

Who is Haripad MLA?

It is also one of the 7 state legislative assembly constituencies included in the Alappuzha Lok Sabha constituency. As of the 2021 assembly elections, the current MLA is Ramesh Chennithala of INC….Haripad Assembly constituency.

Current MLA Ramesh Chennithala
Party INC
Alliance UDF
Elected year 2021

Which district is kayamkulam?

Kayamkulam municipality is located in Karthikapally taluk in Alappuzha district.