Why do reaction channels exist?

Why do reaction channels exist?

People enjoy reaction videos so much because it feels like you’re sharing the experience with the YouTuber. Usually, it is the first time a YouTuber is experiencing something, so the reaction is genuine.

What is the most controversial YouTube channel?

Top 10 Controversial YouTube Channels – TopX

  • #8: Sargon of Akkad.
  • #7:DarkMatter2525.
  • #6: Mark Dice.
  • #5: Freelee the Banana Girl.
  • #4:TheAlexJonesChannel. youtube.com/TheAlexJonesChannel.
  • #3:The Amazing Atheist. youtube.com/TheAmazingAtheist.
  • #2: Onision. youtube.com/Onision.
  • #1: Sam Pepper. youtube.com/OFFICIALsampepper.

Whats the most cringe YouTube channel?

WATCHMOJO.COM. If you have a knack for lazy, uninspired and redundant “Top 10” lists, look no further than WatchMojo.com.

  • PEWDIEPIE. Before you fanboys come out with pitchforks to lynch me, hear me out.
  • FRED.
  • JINX.
  • Why are there so many reaction channels on YouTube?

    They belong to a genre where creators record their spontaneous reactions while watching an existing piece of content, often showing those videos within their own. Viewers watch these videos because they enjoy the momentary emotional connect of seeing those on screen react to content the same way they would.

    Why do people like react channels?

    Who are the most problematic YouTubers?

    These Are the Top 10 Most Controversial YouTubers Ever

    1. 1. Logan Paul. Source: Getty.
    2. JayStation. jaystationyt.
    3. Jake Paul. Source: Getty.
    4. FaZe Banks. banks.
    5. James Charles. Source: Getty.
    6. Trisha Paytas. Source: Instagram.
    7. Olivia Jade. Source: Getty.
    8. Kian Lawley. kianlawley.

    Do reaction channels make money?

    A gigantic reaction channel like SidemenReacts would be making $2,850 per day on the low end. A moderately sized reaction channel like Vlogging Through History might be making $102 per day on the low end.

    Are reaction channels monetized?

    A YouTube reaction channel is eligible for Adsense approval. Individual videos may be difficult to monetize due to copyright violations triggered by YouTube’s content ID system.

    What’s it called when someone tries to get a reaction out of you?

    Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where a person makes you doubt yourself or question your account of an incident. Gaslighting can come from a romantic partner, a boss, a friend, or anyone else. It is done to gain power over you and avoid responsibility for the abuse that is being inflicted.

    Are reaction videos good for YouTube?

    The fact that reaction videos are so popular on YouTube right now, makes the idea selection even more important because just one good idea may boost your number of followers significantly. Here are some of the best video reaction ideas you can use to comment on different topics.

    What YouTubers have been Cancelled?


  • Jacksepticeye.
  • VanossGaming.
  • DanTDM.
  • VenturianTale.
  • Stampylongnose.
  • Chuggaaconroy.
  • Flamingo.
  • Who is No 1 Indian YouTuber?

    CarryMinati has 35+ million subscribers on his main channel and 10.7+ million subscribers on his second channel CarryisLive, with a combined 45.7+ million huge subscribers. Carry becomes the #1 and most subscribed Indian YouTuber.

    Are reaction channels legal?

    As such, reaction videos may violate the authorship rights provided in the Copyright Act. That said, because reaction videos often critique, alter, or parody the featured video, a fair use defense may apply.

    Are there any lazy reaction channels on YouTube?

    This reminds me a lot of the types of comments people had about let’s play channels a few years ago, emotional ignorant overreaction. There are lazy reaction channels and there are good ones, just like absolutely everything else on the website.

    Why did YouTube get rid of the reaction channels?

    After lots of complains from the creators, YouTube changed the algorithm and naturally got rid of them. So if YouTube want’s to get rid of the Reaction channels, they can delicately do it, like they did with these girls. The question is, do they want to get rid of them?

    Are all reactions channels cancer?

    Not all reactions channels are cancers and not everyone who watches them just wants to see the content that is reacted to, that’s an ignorant -and false- opinion. What you are saying is a complete fallacy, if people want to watch reaction videos they’re gonna do that.

    What is the difference between FBE and other reaction channels?

    The difference between FBE and other reaction channels is that they are diverse! Kids react, teens react, college kids react, adults react, elders react, Youtubers react! It’s different people giving their reaction and it’s not the same generation every time!