Why is Giggle and Hoot Cancelled?

Why is Giggle and Hoot Cancelled?

After 10 years I decided that it was time to take on the next exciting challenge in my career, while also being able to dedicate more time to performing as Jimmy Giggle live in concert, a part of the job that I love so much,” Rees said.

How long has Giggle and Hoot been around?

Hoot!” Jimmy has played the seemingly ageless Jimmy Giggle since the program’s launch in 2009, leaving a retail sales job at age 22 to start his television career.

Who is Jimmy Rees married to?


Jimmy Rees
Years active 2009–present
Known for Giggle and Hoot
Spouse(s) Tori ​ ( m. 2013)​
Children 3

Who is the Orange owl on Giggle and Hoot?

Damian Wagland
The series was produced from 2009 to 2019, with the final episodes airing in 2020, and depicted the adventures of Jimmy Giggle (played by Jimmy Rees) and his best friend, Hoot the Owl (played by Damian Wagland).

When did Giggle and Hoot end?

February 28, 2020Giggle and Hoot / Final episode date

How many Giggle and Hoot episodes are there?

Hoot Hoot Go! Supporting them are new characters Hootly, a best friend of Hoot and Hootabelle, and Hootaluna and Gigglebot, who live on the moon. The series contains 26 five-minute episodes.

How many kids does Jimmy Rees?

Jimmy shares his children – six-year-old, Lenny and two-year-old twin boys, Mack and Vinny – with his wife Tori Rees who he met in a pub 13 years ago.

What nationality is Jimmy Rees?

AustralianJimmy Rees / Nationality

When did giggle and hoot end?

Where is Jimmy Giggle now?

Children’s television entertainer Jimmy Rees spent ten years putting Australian kids to bed with popular ABC Kids show Giggle and Hoot. But now the comedian has completely reinvented his career, becoming a global social media sensation with a series of viral videos on Facebook and Tiktok.

How did Jimmy Rees meet his wife?

As a dad-of-three, Jimmy is also known for making some hilariously relatable parenting videos. Jimmy shares his children – six-year-old, Lenny and two-year-old twin boys, Mack and Vinny – with his wife Tori Rees who he met in a pub 13 years ago.

Does Jimmy Rees live in Mornington?

The Mornington Peninsula is definitely home for Jimmy Rees.

Where was Jimmy Rees born?

Frankston, AustraliaJimmy Rees / Place of birth

Who is the packaging guy?

Jimmy Rees – The Packaging Guy Part 2 | Facebook| By Jimmy Rees.

How old is Jimmy reese?

34 years (July 15, 1987)Jimmy Rees / Age

How many Kids does Jimmy Rees?

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