Are pressure washer connections Universal?

Are pressure washer connections Universal?

Pressure washer hoses are not universal. They come in different diameters, lengths, and materials. So, choosing just any hose to replace your current hose won’t work. You’ll either end up with a hose that doesn’t match the performance you’ve come to expect, or you won’t be able to connect the hose to your unit at all.

Are all pressure washer connectors the same?

Fittings on Electric Pressure Washers (Are They Different?) Some residential electric pressure washers have custom (to that brand) fittings. So if you want to replace the spray gun or hose you’ll often have to replace it with the same brand.

What size is a pressure washer wand?

There are a variety of sizes but the most commonly used are between 3.0 to 6.5, sized in . 5 increments. All nozzles are stamped with a 5 digit number which identifies both the fan degree and nozzle size. For example, a nozzle with the number 40055 has a 40 degree fan pattern and is 5.5 in size.

How long is a standard pressure washer wand?

36″ to 79″
Length: 36″ to 79″

What size fitting is a pressure washer hose?

Small (1/4″) hoses are the most common. They are designed for consumer-grade electric and small gas power washers with pressure ratings up to 3,200 psi. Mid-sized (5/16”) hoses are the least common.

What size are pressure washer quick connect?

Quick Connect couplings are easier to identify, but the adapter end must be compatible with your pressure washer’s M22 or 3/8″ connection. They don’t have threads on both ends.

What is the standard pressure washer fittings?

There are only three basic types of connections used on gas units: M22, 3/8″ threaded, and Quick Connects. The only exception is with the gun and lance.

Are pressure washer nozzle tips Universal?

Nozzles are manufactured specifically for each machine’s volume and pressure. This means that each nozzle size has a different size orifice (or opening). There are a variety of sizes but the most commonly used are between 3.0 to 6.5, sized in .

Where does the spring go in a pressure washer gun?

This spring is located at the back of the lever inside the hand gun.

How do I know what size nozzle for my pressure washer?

Each pressure washer should have a specific nozzle size that comes with it.

  1. Find the PSI in top column.
  2. Move down the column until you find the GPM.
  3. The orifice size will be the number in the left column of the table.

How do you read a nozzle size?

In all cases the first two digits of the nozzle number indicate the spray angle (disperse) in degrees. EXAMPLE: 00 is 0 degree, 15 is 15 degree, 25 is 25 degree and 40 is 40 degree. The last two digits of the nozzle number indicate the orifice size, a standard industry designation.

What size O ring for pressure washer quick connect?

O-Rings measure 3/8″ Inside Diameter x 0.100″ Thick. These 3/8″ o-rings are designed for 1/4″ Quick Connect fittings found on many pressure washer wands and hoses.

How is quick connect fitting measured?

Lay the hose over a ruler or tape measure. If the hose is 5/8” wide it is a 3/8” ID hose. If the hose measures ¾” wide, it is a 1/2” ID hose. (2) Measure the internal diameter of the quick disconnect.

What is the nozzle size?

Choosing the Right Nozzle for Your Machine

Nozzle Orifice Size Hole Size Pounds Per Square Inch = PSI Level of Your Machine
2500 PSI
2 .034″/ 0.86mm 1.6
2.5 .042″/ 1.07mm 2.0
3.0 .043″/ 1.09mm 2.4

What size O-ring goes in pressure washer wand?

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