Can I take Prometric exam from home?

Can I take Prometric exam from home?

Instead of going to a computer testing center, Prometric offers the opportunity to take your exam from your home or other quiet workspace using their ProProctor software. You will take your exam under the supervision of a live proctor via a video link.

How do I call the Prometric center?


Locations Contact
United States Mexico Canada 1-800-853-6764

Is Prometric exam online?

Our multi-modality solution gives test takers the choice of taking their exams in-person or online, at a time and location that is convenient for them.

Can you cheat on Prometric?

Ideally, the only things in the testing room are you, your photo ID, and your computer. There is nothing else allowed (with the exception of tests that have certified testing materials).

Does Prometric see your screen?

Although you will not see your Prometric Proctor, he/she will monitor you throughout the testing process and will be available to provide assistance at any point during your exam. Using the chat feature on the upper right of your screen, you can speak with or send a message to your Proctor when you need help.

How do I schedule my Prometric exam?

How do I schedule a Prometric exam? The quickest and easiest way to schedule your exam is to do it online, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And since you’re already on our website, you’re already partly done!

Is Prometric exam easy?

As we know that Prometric examination is not easy. To qualify this, you have to prepare well before this exam by using the best study materials & also it is better to take the help of the best Healthcare consultants in the Middle East to clear this.

How can I take Prometric exam?

Test Scheduling & Registration Online test scheduling allows test takers to search for the exam they want to take, locate a test center near them, select a time and date to test and book the exam, all from the Prometric website.

How long does it take to get Prometric test results?

NY – Both Clinical and Written Exam Score Reports are emailed to candidates within 5 days of the exam day.

How can I cheat on a test without getting caught?

Hide the sheet.

  1. Try the “Body Part Cheat-Sheet” method.
  2. Try the “Water Bottle Cheat-Sheet” method.
  3. Try the “Binder Cheat-Sheet” method.
  4. Try the “Calculator Cheat-Sheet” method.
  5. Another Calculator Method to try: If you have a graphing calculator, save the math formulas into your calculator.

How does Prometric remote testing work?

What is remote proctoring and how does it work? Remote proctoring is an assessment delivery service that utilizes an on-line proctor to confirm the identity of the test-taker, protect the security and integrity of the exam, and deliver the computer-based test to the candidate.

How many times I can take Prometric exam?

three attempts
How many times am I eligible to take the test? Currently a candidate is allowed three attempts to pass. If not passing the first and second attempts, you may apply to SCFHS for a reactivation of your eligibility number as to obtain a third and last attempt.

Are exam locations?

The exam is offered at Prometric test centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as Australia (Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Brasilia and Rio De Janeiro), England (London), France (Paris, Marseille, and Toulouse), Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt), Greece (Athens), Hong Kong ( …

How can I pass Prometric exam?

The best way to pass the Prometric exam for Nurses is to follow these important tips before one takes part in the Prometric examination.

  1. Take the Exam Seriously.
  2. Sharpen Your Test-Taking Abilities.
  3. Practice Questions as Much as Possible.
  4. Get Thoroughly with Fundamental Nursing Concepts.
  5. Mark Those Unsure Answers.

Which book is best for Prometric exam?

Prometric Exam questions for nurses has been developed by our professional team; Rapid Access Guide is the best seller book for all Gulf Countries Exams since 2000.

Is Prometric exam hard?

How do you know if you passed the Prometric exam?

To check the status of your exam appointment, click You will need to provide the confirmation number, which you can find on the confirmation email you received when you scheduled your exam initially.

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