Can I use onActivityResult in fragment?

Can I use onActivityResult in fragment?

If you use Android support library (AppCompat). This doesn’t work if the fragments are nested, as only the top fragment will be in the list. I believe that super. onActivityResult() is already calling onActivityResult() on all of the fragments in the list, so this idea is redundant.

What is onActivityResult?

The android startActivityForResult method, requires a result from the second activity (activity to be invoked). In such case, we need to override the onActivityResult method that is invoked automatically when second activity returns result.

What is called after onActivityResult?

you are right, onActivityResult() is getting called before onResume().

How do you test for onActivityResult?

For testing onActivityResult() in your test class, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an ActivityMonitor which catching ChildActivity creation and retuning the mock ActivityResult.
  2. Simulating the button click which start the ChildActivity for result.
  3. Do some assertion on status and the mock ActivityResult.

What can I use instead of startActivityForResult?

But recently startActivityForResult() method is deprecated in AndroidX. Android came up with ActivityResultCallback (also called Activity Results API) as an alternative for it.

How do you intent a fragment?

“intent in fragment android” Code Answer

  1. Button button = (Button) rootView. findViewById(R. id. button1);
  2. button. setOnClickListener(new View. OnClickListener() {
  3. @Override.
  4. public void onClick(View view) {
  5. Intent intent = new Intent(getActivity(), AnotherActivity. class);
  6. startActivity(intent);
  7. }
  8. });

How do you use onActivityResult in Kotlin?

  1. onActivityResult is used to send the data back to the previous activity(activity A in this case).
  2. you are creating a new intent to start activity B in createNewButtonWithText(text: String) you can put your data in that intent and then show it in activity B.

Can you still use startActivityForResult?

From now, startActivityForResult() has been deprecated so use new method instead of that.

What is startActivityForResult?

By calling startActivityForResult with Activity2 , your current activity will be notified when the Activity2 is finished (back button pressed), and this way you can also get information from it. This notification you can catch by overriding your activity’s onActivityResult method.

What is Android activity lifecycle?

Activity Lifecycle: Activity is one of the building blocks of Android OS. In simple words Activity is a screen that user interact with. Every Activity in android has lifecycle like created, started, resumed, paused, stopped or destroyed. These different states are known as Activity Lifecycle.

How do I get data from startActivityForResult?

First you use startActivityForResult() with parameters in the first Activity and if you want to send data from the second Activity to first Activity then pass the value using Intent with the setResult() method and get that data inside the onActivityResult() method in the first Activity .

What is request code startActivityForResult?

The request code is any int value. The request code identifies the return result when the result arrives. (You can call startActivityForResult more than once before you get any results. When results arrive, you use the request code to distinguish one result from another.)

What is onActivityResult Kotlin?

onActivityResult is used to send the data back to the previous activity(activity A in this case). If you want to send preserve data in SecondActivity then you have to send the data through intent when creating SecondActivity.

What is the replacement of startActivityForResult?

What is the alternative for startActivityForResult?

In this article, we will discuss the Activity Result API, an alternative to the deprecated startActivityForResult + onActivityResult methods. We will use Kotlin in this article for the code samples. Android introduced the Activity Result APIs as a major change in the androidx.

What are fragments in Android?

A Fragment represents a reusable portion of your app’s UI. A fragment defines and manages its own layout, has its own lifecycle, and can handle its own input events. Fragments cannot live on their own–they must be hosted by an activity or another fragment.

What is the replacement for startActivityForResult?

Among the contracts available, the StartActivityForResult contract is the replacement to the startActivityForResult . The callback is to be called once the activity result is available.

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