Did Tsunami enter Velankanni church?

Did Tsunami enter Velankanni church?

The compound wall of the church collapsed under the force of the waves. The seawater did not enter the shrine because it is on a higher plane compared to the beach. But the waves took way hundreds of pilgrims who were on the beach.

When did tsunami hit Velankanni?

2004 Tsunami Velankanni town was among the worst hit by the massive 26 December tsunami that was triggered by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Can we visit Velankanni church now?

week, has opened its doors for all. “We have opened the Main Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health. We have also opened the Upper Rear Church and lodges under the church management. We are conducting services in the Church by maintaining social distancing,” said Fr AMA Prabakar, Rector of the Shrine Basilica.

Why is Velankanni famous?

Known as the ‘Lourdes of the East’, the Velankanni Church is one of the most revered pilgrimages for Catholics in India. The story of the church dates back to 16th or 17th century, when Mother Mary is believed to have appeared in this small village, with infant Jesus in her hands.

How many people died in Velankanni tsunami?

8,000 people
In 2004, giant waves swallowed thousands of people in Tamil Nadu’s coastal areas like Nagapattinam, Chennai, Cuddalore, Velankanni and Poompuhar. Over 8,000 people lost their lives in Tamil Nadu to these giant waves.

Who built Velankanni?

Initially, a simple and modest chapel was built by the Portuguese in Goa and Bombay-Bassein, soon after they washed ashore safely in spite of a severe tempest. More than 500 years later, a 9-day-long festival is still celebrated and draws nearly 5 million pilgrims each year.

When was the last tsunami in Chennai?

December 26, 2004
December 26, 2004: When tsunami killed 8,000 in Tamil Nadu.

Was Chennai affected by tsunami?

CHENNAI: The victims of the deadly 2004 Tsunami that struck the Tamil Nadu coast were remembered on Thursday, with a slew of memorial events marking the 15th anniversary of the natural disaster.

Who built Velankanni church?

Velankanni Church (Our Lady of Good Health) was built in the late 16th century CE with modifications by the Portuguese.

Is Velankanni church open for visitors 2021?

Stepping up efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Nagapattinam district administration on Tuesday announced that the Velankanni Annual Feast 2021 will take place without participation of pilgrims.

Is Velankanni church powerful?

Velankanni church is considered a very powerful holy place in India where one is cured of ailments when one offers prayers with a true heart. People of all religions come to visit this church and offer prayers.

What was the miracles that happened in Velankanni?

Devotion to Our Lady of Good Health of Velankanni can be traced back to the mid-16th century, attributed to 3 separate miracles believed by devotees to have been worked at the site: the apparition of Blessed Mary and the Christ Child to a slumbering shepherd boy, the healing of a handicapped buttermilk vendor, and the …

Can a tsunami hit India?

In a total of 8 tidal waves classified as a tsunami since 1762 a total of 26,040 people died in India. Compared to other countries, Tsunamis therefore occur rather rarely. The strongest tidal wave registered in India so far reached a height of 17.30 meters.

Is Tamil Nadu affected by tsunami?

Over 1000 killed as Tsunami hits Eastern and South coastal areas in India. Over a thousand people have been killed in tidal waves in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tamil Nadu was the “worst affected” with possibly over 800 people killed.

Who is Nagapattinam district collector?

Nagapattinam District Collector Dr. S. Suresh Kumar has got his Doctorate from the esteemed SASTRA University .

How many tsunamis have hit India?

In a total of 8 tidal waves classified as a tsunami since 1762 a total of 26,040 people died in India.

How to reach Velankanni from Tiruchirappalli?

Tiruchirappalli and Velankanni are approximately kilometers far from one another. The first train from Tiruchirappalli to Velankanni leaves at Hrs from Tiruchirappalli. The fastest train from Tiruchirappalli to Velankanni is which covers a distance of Kilometers in approximately H M hours.

Where is Velankanni in Tamil Nadu?

Location in Tamil Nadu, India. Velankanni (Vēḷāṅkaṇṇi), is a Special Grade Panchayat Town in Nagapattinam district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It lies on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, 350 km south of Chennai (Madras) and 12 km south of Nagapattinam.

What is the nearest airport to Tiruchirappalli?

The nearest operational airports are Tiruchirappalli International Airport, 165 kilometres (103 mi) away and Chennai International Airport, 300 kilometres (190 mi) away.

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