How do I complain to Ekedc?

How do I complain to Ekedc?

  1. Corporate HQ: 24/25 Marina Rd, Lagos.
  2. Island. Lagos.
  3. Email: [email protected].

Where does Eko disco cover?


How do I pay my Eko bill online?

How to pay EKEDC electricity bill online?

  1. Input your phone number on BuyPower and ‘click to buy electricity’.
  2. Fill in your state [Lagos-EKO], meter number, and how much electricity you want to buy.
  3. Continue to payment information.
  4. Choose your preferred payment [through your bank or card] and pay.

How do I write a complaint letter about electricity?

I am writing a complaint in regards to the rising electricity bill. The electricity bill has been extremely high lately. I am a single mother/bachelor (your current status) with a few children and I cannot handle such high prices. (Show your actual problem and situation).

How do I report a company in Nigeria?

How to report a complaint to the FCCPC

  1. Name of person making the complaint.
  2. Contact Address.
  3. Contact details – Mobile number and email address.
  4. Name of the company you are complaining about.
  5. Address of the company/branch you visited.
  6. Contact details of the company.
  7. Receipt No.
  8. Brief explanation of your complaint.

Who is the owner of Eko Electricity Distribution Company?

Charles Momoh
Charles Momoh is the founder of West Power & Gas Limited (WPG) as well as the Chairman of Eko Electricity Distribution Plc, a subsidiary for WPG.

How do I pay my prepaid meter?

Choose your electricity supplier. Fill in your prepaid meter details, which includes your name, meter name, and location. Choose an online payment method and fill in the promoted details, including bank name, credit card type, and number. Enter your One-Time password sent to your phone to confirm payment.

How do I recharge my Eko prepaid meter?

Email: [email protected] You can recharge your Eko prepaid meter through several means. You can either recharge using your smart meter card or recharge online at the comfort of your house.

How do I write a letter to electricity?

Sir/Madam, Myself ___, and am writing this letter to inform you that the electricity meter in my home burnt within a few months of installation. Am residing at _____ (address) and the meter number is ____. The meter was installed on ____(date).

How do I write an application to the electric department?

Respected Sir, With due respect, I would like to state that I am [Name of the applicant]. I live at [Name of the village], [Name of the P.O], [Name of the P.S],[Name of the Dist]. On [Mention date] I need [Mention wat] electric for the purpose of [mention the reason of connection].

What are the types of complaints?

10 Types Of Customer Complaints

  • 1) Public Multi-Media Complaint :
  • 2) Serial Complaint :
  • 3) First-time complaint :
  • 4) Good Customer Complaint :
  • 5) Personnel Complaint :
  • 6) Product Specific Complaint :
  • 7) Wait – Times Complaint :
  • 8) Complaints because of misunderstanding :

Who is Tinuade Sanda?

Tinuade Sanda as the company’s new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, with immediate effect. EKEDC announced the appointment yesterday in a statement signed by its General Manager, Corporate Communications, Mr. Godwin Idemudia.

How do you calculate unit cost?

How to Calculate Unit Price. The unit price can be found using a simple formula if the quantity and total cost is known. Simply divide the total price by the quantity to find the unit price. Thus, the unit price is equal to the total price divided by the quantity.

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