How do you start a career day speech?

How do you start a career day speech?

Start the speech by sharing what got you started in your career and what made you choose your path. Explain what type of work experience you followed to get to your current job. Explain the education and other requirements of the career path.

How do you give a good career day presentation?

In summary, my best advice for career day speakers is:

  1. Sit At Their Level.
  2. Bring Props.
  3. Have High Energy / Be Excited.
  4. Ask Them Questions.
  5. Interactive Play.
  6. Bring a Box of Snacks.
  7. Tell A Lot Of Stories.
  8. Give The Students Examples They Can Relate To.

How do you talk to high school students about their career?

Here’s some general life and career tips every high school graduate needs to hear:

  1. Find a mentor. Consider finding a mentor who’s willing to guide you and give you advice.
  2. Identify your interests.
  3. Choose a job you like.
  4. Pursue your ambitions.
  5. Try different things.
  6. Get involved.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Work hard.

What should be included in a career talk?

What do I talk about?

  1. Job responsibilities.
  2. Work environment.
  3. Skills required for the job.
  4. Personal qualities.
  5. Work values.
  6. Qualifications.
  7. Possible job titles.
  8. Possible career progression.

How do you make a career fair fun?

Enter job fairs! At their best, they can be a positive, comprehensive experience for both employers and job seekers….12 Eye-Catching Job Fair Ideas

  1. Choose a venue with natural light.
  2. Give away great stuff.
  3. Offer style consultation.
  4. Host micro workshops.
  5. Consider booth layout.
  6. Set up a print shop.

What are some ideas for career Day?

Here’s how to plan career days that are fun, memorable and inspiring.

  • Planning Elementary Career Exploration.
  • Speakers and Storytelling Activities.
  • Activities and Tools for Career Exploration.
  • The Benefits of Job Shadowing.
  • Real-World Skill Exploration.
  • State and Federal Career Resources.

How do you prepare for a career day?

What You Should Do On Career Day:

  2. Do your best to relate your skills and interests to the needs of the employer.
  3. Answer questions quickly.
  4. Be open and honest.
  5. Maintain eye contact.
  6. Demonstrate good verbal skills.
  7. Give a good firm handshake.
  8. Show enthusiasm and interest.

How do you plan a career day in high school?

How to plan a school career day

  1. Enlist a career day planning team to organize and carry out major tasks.
  2. Determine how many students will attend.
  3. Develop a master schedule for the event.
  4. Invite guest speakers at least three months in advance and provide a formal invitation explaining and highlighting the event.

What do you say on career Day?

Talk About What You Enjoy One sure way to make career day interesting is to talk about the things you truly love about your job. This will help students see how all kinds of jobs have a fulfilling component. Examples: I’m a cashier at a baby goods retailer.

How do you stand out in a virtual career fair?

At the virtual career fair

  1. Wear a professional outfit.
  2. Attend from a distraction-free environment.
  3. Be ready to put yourself out there.
  4. Use clear, professional business communication.
  5. Demonstrate strong body language in video chats.
  6. Ask for next steps and contact information.

How do you engage students at a career fair?

Top 10 Tips for Career Centers to Increase Student Engagement

  1. Use outbound marketing to reach your students including email and social media campaigns.
  2. Develop a consistent brand voice and look that your students and employer partners recognize.
  3. Gamify milestones and tasks for students.

What should I wear for career Day?

A business suit with pants or skirt is always appropriate, but a dress or skirt and blouse are sufficient in most situations. If you wear a skirt, do not wear it too short. A hemline just above or below the knee is best. Avoid a brightly patterned skirt or dress.

What do I bring to a career day?

Extra copies of your resume. When you attend the career fair, one of the most important items you should have with you is your resume.

  • Targeted resumes.
  • Business cards.
  • Your professional portfolio.
  • Notepad or paper and pens.
  • An extra change of clothes.
  • Application preparation materials.
  • Your elevator speech.
  • What do you talk about at a career fair?

    Here are seven kinds of questions that will help you do just that.

    • Ask About a Particular Role.
    • Ask About the Hiring Process.
    • Ask About Their Experience.
    • Ask About Growth and Development.
    • Ask About the Company’s Products, Services, or Recent News.
    • Ask About Company Culture.
    • Ask How You Can Stay in Touch.

    How do you talk to students at a career fair?

    Start with a firm handshake and tell them your name, what you are studying, and year in school. Tell them you are glad to have the opportunity to talk with them about your career interests, and how your experience might fit in with their companies.

    How can I make my career Day fun?

    Here’s how to plan career days that are fun, memorable and inspiring.

    1. Planning Elementary Career Exploration.
    2. Speakers and Storytelling Activities.
    3. Activities and Tools for Career Exploration.
    4. The Benefits of Job Shadowing.
    5. Real-World Skill Exploration.
    6. State and Federal Career Resources.

    What do you do on career Day?

    A career day is an activity in which business partners from a variety of companies come together at a school to share information about their workplace, their job, and the education and skills that are required for success in their career.

    How do you introduce yourself in a career fair example?

    A simple introduction is fine:

    1. “Hi, I’m Amanda Jones and I’m pleased to meet you.”
    2. “Good morning, I’m Anthony Tobias and I’m glad to meet you.”
    3. “Hello, I’m Kimberly Smith. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    How do I not be awkward at a career fair?

    11 Tips To Not Be Awkward at a Career Fair

    1. Research who will be there. Originally posted by madewithcode.
    2. Ask questions.
    3. Look professional.
    4. Keep an open mind.
    5. Don’t be intimidated.
    6. Talk to other participants.
    7. Prepare an elevator pitch.
    8. Leverage your AmeriCorps VISTA service & NCE status.

    What do you talk about on career day?

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