How does Comfort Contego work?

How does Comfort Contego work?

The Comfort Contego is a unique, wireless communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound. Unlike other wireless systems, the Contego’s Digital radio system, provides high quality sound over secure coded channels. It’s the perfect wireless system for hearing impaired people.

What is a Comfort Contego?

Comfort Contego™ is a wireless digital secure high-definition FM HD sound communication system for people with mild to severe hearing loss. This version includes an earphone and headphone. Achieve up to 40dB amplification at 1kHz.

What is a Roger device?

Roger Select is a specially designed microphone to help boost your hearing performance1 to keep you at the heart of the conversation. Understanding group conversations in background noise can be easier. Simply select the conversation you want to focus on with a single touch.

How much does a Roger system cost?

The approximate price of a Roger Select (which includes a docking station) is USD 710. A Mylink receiver will set you back approximately USD 179.99. A Roger X receiver will cost roughly USD 440.

How much does a Roger Pen cost?

The approximate price of a Roger Pen (which includes a docking station) is USD $740. A Mylink receiver will set you back approximately $179.99. A Roger X receiver will cost roughly $440.

What is the difference between Phonak Roger and Roger on?

*Please note that the IN version of Roger On is compatible ONLY with Roger Direct compatible hearing aids. Roger On IN comes preloaded with 2x Roger receivers which can be transferred across to your hearing aids by your local hearing specialist.

What is the cost of Phonak?

The average cost for Phonak hearing aids is about $2,750 for each ear. However, the total cost varies greatly and is determined by the audiologist or other hearing aid provider selling the hearing aid with or without “bundled” services.

How much is the Phonak Roger on?

The original version of this story misstated the microphone’s starting price. It starts at $1,200, not $3,000.

How much does Phonak Roger Select cost?

How much is the Roger system?

However, each Roger accessory costs $600-800, which can be a sticking point for some. Alternative to Hearing Aids:Personal sound amplifiers offer an affordable alternative to hearing aids and can work wonders for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Is Phonak a good hearing aid brand?

Phonak is one of our top hearing aid picks because they offer a wide range of customizable options with advanced technology features suited for many different types of users. Not only is Phonak one of the oldest and best-known names in the industry, they have also developed some important hearing aid technologies.

Is the Phonak app free?

This free smartphone app allows you to create a personalized library of sounds and music. Use these sounds to reduce how much you notice and are annoyed by your tinnitus.

How do I connect my Phonak Roger to my TV?

1) Insert your Roger microphone into the docking station. When it is placed into the docking station, it will automatically turn off. 2) Switch on your TV (or alternative audio device). Your Roger microphone will automatically transmit the audio signal to your ears.

What is the difference between Phonak Roger select and Roger Select in?

The iN basically means it’s got the integrated receiver in the Marvel. That Roger Select iN, differs from the normal Roger Select in that it contains the licensing, not only for the microphone, as you find with the normal Roger, but also for the receivers inside the Marvel hearing aids.

What does Phonak Roger cost?

A pair of Phonak hearing aids will usually cost about $3,000-$6,000, depending on the style, features, and technology level. Additionally, a Roger system upgrade is advisable if you struggle hearing amidst background noise or multiple talkers.

What is the most natural sounding hearing aid?

Most Natural Sound: Signia Silk X The Signia Silk X is a completely in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid. The small size gives you both an invisible fit and a customized hearing experience.

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