How long does it take to Max a Th 8?

How long does it take to Max a Th 8?

Overall Upgrade Costs and Durations

Type Total
Builder Time 21d 16h 58m
Lab Time 24d 14h

What are the types of clash of clans bases?

Wall Layouts in Bases

  • Single Wall: A single wall surrounding all or most of the buildings.
  • Double Wall: Same as a single wall except it has another layer (separated by at least a single-tile gap) on the outside of it.
  • Double- or Multi-Layered Wall: A portion or all of a wall segment with multiple layers.

What should I upgrade first th8?

But I will strongly recommend upgrading your new elixir and gold storage first. This will give you the advantage to store more gold and elixir. So appoint builder 3 on the new elixir storage and builder 4 on the new gold storage. Both builders will stay fixed on storage until it maxes out.

What is hybrid in COC?

Hybrid is basically a combination of War and farming Troops where you can use both troops together like some Elixir Troops and some of Dark Elixir Troops which make your army stronger but costly too.

What is trophy base COC?

ago. Additional comment actions. A “trophy base” is a base that is designed to prioritize minimizing the loss of trophies and maximizing the chances of winning any attack, placing priority of trophies over everything else such as loot defenses.

What level should everything be at TH8?

Players also want to know the max level of numerous things available in TH8 to manage their time for the upgrades in the game….Max Levels of Buildings in TH8.

Building Max Level
Elixir Storage 11
Army Camp 6
Laboratory 6
Dark Elixir Storage 4

What should I do at TH8?

TH8 Guide

  1. Lab. You’ll want to unlock lvl5 barch immediately.
  2. Clan castle. 5 additional troops on offense and defense is always good.
  3. Dark spell factory.
  4. New walls and structures taking less than 5min.
  5. Once clan castle is done, build all new structures so that you can build your TH8 base.

How can I upgrade faster in clash of clans?

If you are trophy rushing, upgrading your barracks, army camps, laboratory would be the best for you. If you are farming, where you stay in a low league than you could be in in the effort to build up lots of materials, then upgrading walls, defenses, collectors, and storages is the way to go.

What should I protect in clash of clans?

1 Method 1 of 3: Defending at Lower Levels

  • At the beginning of your village your three biggest resources are your elixir and gold storages, and your Town Hall.
  • For defense-minded players, the Town Hall is your most valued asset.
  • Focus on building walls around your Town Hall and other defense weapons to protect it.

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