How much is the first issue of The Walking Dead worth?

How much is the first issue of The Walking Dead worth?

1 Sells for $10,000 on eBay. In March, a copy of the series’ first issue sold for $7,000, while a year earlier another went for $2,500.

What issues are in The Walking Dead compendiums?

The Walking Dead: Compendium One is the first compendium of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead that includes issues 1-48, otherwise Volumes 1-8 and a short story that takes place during Issue 7 about Morgan and Duane from Volume 1.

Is here’s Negan in the compendiums?

Walking Dead Compendium 15th Anniversary Box Set This big honkin’ payload comes with Compendiums 1, 2, and 3, plus a new edition of the “Here’s Negan” paperback, including the previously uncollected origins of Michonne, Tyrese, the Governor, and Morgan. That’s more than 3,300 pages of zombie apocalypse.

What is the last issue of The Walking Dead comic book?

issue #193
Fans of The Walking Dead story saw an abrupt end in issue #193. The announcement of the end of the comic was a shock, same as the series ending, and fans on both sides did see either of these announcements coming.

What is the rarest Walking Dead comic?

Walking Dead #81 Variants Of the later issues, this has one of the most valuable variants covers: a ComicsPro Black-and-White Variant, fetching about $250 in CGC 9.8 grade.

How much money does Robert Kirkman make?

What is the Salary of Robert Kirkman? Robert Kirkman earns an estimated salary of $2 Million + Per Year.

How many issues of The Walking Dead are there in compendium 1?

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 is here, collecting issues 1-48! Now’s your chance to experience this gripping read for the first time or catch up on the tale with the first four years worth of material, collected in one volume for the first time.

Is Walking Dead compendium 4 the last one?

Compendium 4 will be the end. I originally watched the first 1-2 seasons of the show before picking up the first compendium.

What Walking Dead comics are worth money?

The AMC hit series has made Walking Dead #1 the most valuable comic book of the modern age, with record sales in five figures and climbing. Most books on the market are in the CGC 9.8 to 8.0 range.

What comics will be worth money in the future?

25 Modern Comics That May Jump In Price – Comic Store In Your…

  • Batman #436 $8.
  • Captain America #360 $13.
  • Convergence Superman #2 $16 From 2015.
  • Daredevil #270 1st Blackheart $15.
  • Detective Comics #608 1st Anarky $10.
  • Fantastic Four #558 $10.
  • Iron Man #219 $9.
  • Journey Into Mystery #622 $7.

What was Stan Lee net worth?

US$50 million
In April 2018, The Hollywood Reporter published a report that claimed Lee was a victim of elder abuse; the report asserted that, among others, Keya Morgan, Lee’s business manager and a memorabilia collector, had been isolating Lee from his trusted friends and associates following his wife’s death in order to obtain …

Is The Walking Dead ever going to end?

AMC announced on Thursday that the seminal zombie series has finished filmingthe remaining episodes of its 11th and final season. “That’s a wrap. 11 seasons 12 years.

How many TWD graphic novels are there?

The Walking Dead (35 book series) Kindle Edition.

Is there a cure in The Walking Dead comics?

It’s been the biggest deviation from the comics and one that fans were unanimously upset by. It appears to have been at least 10 years, and although there is no cure, the world no longer sees walkers as a major threat.

How many issues are in the Walking Dead Compendium?

forty-eight issues
The series is periodically re-published in trade paperbacks which contain six issues each, hardcover books with twelve issues and occasional bonus material, omnibus editions of twenty-four issues, and compendium editions of forty-eight issues.

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