Is IRE A regional train?

Is IRE A regional train?

At the timetable change in December 2006, trains of the Mittelsachsen-Vogtland-Express from Hof to Dresden became a Regional-Express service. The designation IRE has since been used for the Franconia-Saxony Express from Nuremberg to Dresden, which replaced the previous Intercitys.

Do trains run on Sunday in Germany?

Do trains run on Sunday in Germany? Absolutely. Yes, many things in Germany are closed on Sundays, but the trains all run, regardless.

What is RE and RB?

Types of Trains Regional trains in Germany are now designated RB (“Regio” – RegionalBahn, stops everywhere) and RE (RegionalExpress, faster, with fewer stops). Learning to read the train codes (RE, EC, IC, ICE, etc.) on German schedules can help you find the best rail connection to your destination.

Is the Deutsche Bahn still on strike?

Germans don’t need to worry about strikes affecting their journeys on the train for another few years! Deutsche Bahn and the EVG transport union have finally concluded a collective agreement, putting an end to future strikes until 2023.

Why are German trains on strike?

German rail strike threatens new bottlenecks for business German train drivers began their second two-day strike on Monday. The walkouts are the last thing rail operator Deutsche Bahn needs after a year of huge losses from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do German trains have bathrooms?

All trains in Germany have toilets, and most intercity trains come with bistro and restaurant cars serving hot meals, snacks and beverages. There’s no issue with bringing your own food and drink.

Is public transport 24 hours in Germany?

Public Transport at Night: Weekends On nights from Friday to Saturday, from Saturday to Sunday, and before public holidays, the S-Bahn and subway operates all through the night. Night buses and trams run all night as well. The S-Bahn operates 24 hours. At night, trains run in 30-minute-intervals.

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