What does KK stand for in KK hospital?

What does KK stand for in KK hospital?

Kandang Kerbau Hospital
On 1 October 1924, Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KK Hospital) was opened with 30 beds and 12 children’s cots. The hospital was led by Professor J S English, Singapore’s first Professor of O&G.

Why is KKH called kandang Kerbau Hospital?

The hospital’s name comes from the Malay term for “buffalo shed” (kandang = shed / pen + kerbau = buffalo), reflecting the area’s past link with buffalo rearing. While the hospital started as one catering to health care for women, mainly for gynaecology and obstetrics, it has since expanded its role.

Can I walk in to KKH?

The Urgent O&G Centre (UOGC) at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is a 24-hour walkin centre for women with Obstetric and Gynaecological (O&G) conditions requiring immediate attention. Consultants or Associate Consultants are present at all times to provide supervisory support to the care team.

How do I contact KKH?

​For compliments to our staff. ​For enquiries about hospital bills/ outpatient bills….Sign up today!

​Allied Health Specialties ​Contact
​Medical Social Work +65 6394 1029​
Nutrition & Dietetics (Appointments) ​ +65 6294 4050​
​Outpatient Pharmacy ​+65 6394 1500
​Rehabilitation (Appointments) +65 6294 4050​

Is KKH under government?

1 Apr 1990: KK Hospital is restructured to operate as a private company, though still wholly owned by the government.

When was KKH built?

The Karakoram Highway, also known as the Friendship Highway in China, was built by the governments of Pakistan and China. It was started in 1962 and was completed and opened to the public in 1978.

Who built KKH?

The route of the KKH traces one of the many paths of the ancient Silk Road. On the Pakistani side, the road was constructed by FWO (Frontier Works Organisation), employing the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers.

Can husband stay overnight in KKH?

For single-bedded A1 rooms, your husband / partner is allowed to stay overnight in the room, at no extra charge. Children are not allowed to stay overnight in all wards.

How much does a gynae visit cost?

An obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) is a medical specialist who plays a key role in maintaining women’s reproductive health and caring for women throughout their pregnancy. Without health insurance, an OB/GYN visit costs a new patient $386 without insurance.

How do I book an appointment at KK?

Request for an new appointment by filling up an online form. Please allow up to two working days for us to process your appointment and contact you back for confirmation. For urgent and emergency cases, please call 995 or go to an emergency room.

How do I pay my KKH bill?

By Mail (Cheque or Bank Draft) Cheque or Bank Draft (in Singapore Dollars and drawn on banks operating in Singapore only) should be crossed and made payable to “KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Pte Ltd” or “KKH Pte Ltd”.

Which is the biggest hospital in Singapore?

Singapore General Hospital
Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first and largest hospital in Singapore.

Who founded KKH?

At KKH, Dr Sheares put Singapore’s medical research on the world map in the 1960s when he pioneered an operation to create vaginas for babies born without them.

How old is Karakoram Highway?

It is the main artery between China and Pakistan since it is the only overland link between the two countries. The highway passes through the Karakoram mountain range at an elevation of 4,714 meters making it a popular tourist attraction. It was built by the governments of Pakistan and China in 1959 and opened in 1979.

Can I go home after giving birth?

After a normal vaginal birth, you will probably stay in the birth room with your baby for about 2 hours. You may have a meal and a shower before transferring to the postnatal ward or going home. If you are going home 4 to 6 hours after birth, you might be able to stay in the birth room until discharge.

Can I use MediSave for pregnancy?

Under the MediSave Maternity Package, you can use your MediSave for pre-delivery medical expenses, delivery expenses and daily hospital charges.

How much does it cost to give birth in private hospital in Singapore?

The cost for a normal vaginal delivery at a Class C ward in a government hospital ranges from SGD $681 to SGD $4,993. For private hospitals, this starts at SGD $4,874 and goes as high as SGD $13,000.

How do you book gynae in KKH?

To make an appointment for a consultation with KKH’s Gynaecology Specialist, you may reach them at +65 6294 4050.

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