What is the highest salary paid to IAS officer?

What is the highest salary paid to IAS officer?

Rs. 2,50,000
An IAS officer receives a starting basic monthly salary of Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA, and HRA are extra) and the highest salary as of now is Rs. 2,50,000 received by an officer of Cabinet Secretary rank.

Who is the richest collector in India?

Amit Kataria is one of the richest Bureaucrats in India. He is famous as the IAS officer that takes 1 rupee as his salary. His family owns construction companies in Gurgaon and apart from that, his wife is a professional pilot who earns a lot to manage their expenses.

Which IAS officer get highest salary in India?

Notably, if an IAS officer reaches the rank of cabinet secretary, the senior-most position, then their salary reaches Rs 2,50,000 per month. The officer deputed as cabinet secretary gets the highest salary.

Do IAS earn black money?

IAS officer posted as SDM in allotted district after 1 year of training. As SDM he earn black money range from 0 to 1 crores. If you are honest officer then you will earn zero black money.

Can IAS earn in crores?

IAS officials and other civil servants may lawfully make crores of rupees by saving their salaries and investing them legally in equities, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. When compared to the private sector, the salary following the 7th pay commission is still lower.

Can IAS officer buy Rolls Royce?

Yes an IAS or IFS officer can buy this car with having a good social standing and great image with goodwill for past some years.

Do IAS get bonus?

Judges and IAS officers cannot be the sole arbiters in deciding who gets what in government service. The performance bonus is part of most VP packages. In government, only Indian Space Research Organisation and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre employees get bonus.

Can an IAS officer earn 10 crore?

What is the salary of MLA?

Chief Ministers, MLAs and MLCs

State CM Basic Pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
Chhattisgarh ₹230,000 (US$3,000) (+Salary received as MLA)
Punjab ₹230,000 (US$3,000) (+Salary received as MLA)
Goa ₹220,000 (US$2,900) (+Salary received as MLA)
Bihar ₹215,000 (US$2,800) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)

What is salary of DGP in India?

IPS Salary ranges from Rs 56,100 (excluding TA, DA, and HRA) to Rs 2,25,000 Per Month for a DGP….IPS Officer Salary.

Level Basic Pay – IPS Salary per Month
Maximum IPS Salary Rs 2,25,000

Is IAS salary low?

The basic per month salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA, and HRA are extra) and can go on to reach Rs. 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary. A career in the Indian Administrative Service is one of the most sought-after professions in India.

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