What is the logo with a white cross and red background?

What is the logo with a white cross and red background?

The Swiss flag The flag of Switzerland
The Swiss flag. The flag of Switzerland consists of a symmetric white cross on red background (Figure 3A), and represents just one of two square-shaped national flags in the world (the other being the Vatican State) [2].

What does a square mean in a logo?

Square shapes: Strength, efficiency, professionalism, practicality. Vertical lines: Aggression, masculinity, strength, progress. Horizontal lines: Calm, tranquility, community, speed.

What company has a green square for a logo?

H&R Block’s logo has symbolism, power — and a big, green square.

Which brand has a square logo?

Famous square logos

AVG Microsoft
Chase LinkedIn
Gap The Weather Channel
American Express Goldman Sachs

How can I find out what my logo means?

6 Ways to Find Symbols and Look Up Symbol Meanings

  1. Identify Symbols Using Symbols.com. The aptly named Symbols.com is a great place to start your search.
  2. Draw a Symbol to Find Out Its Meaning.
  3. Search Symbols With Google.
  4. Browse a List of Symbols.
  5. Learn What Emoji Symbols Mean.
  6. Utilize a Stock Ticker Symbol Finder.

Why is the Red Square called the Red Square?

Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) is known for its political symbolism, but was actually named for its loveliness: Krasnaya, or “red,” meant “beautiful” in old Russian. The plaza has drawn crowds since it was a 1400s shantytown.

What is the logo with four squares?

Microsoft logo
The four squares in the Microsoft logo represents different products of Microsoft.

What are the 3 red cross emblems?

The Movement has three globally recognized emblems—the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal. They are symbols of assistance in times of conflict and disaster.

Who designed the red cross logo?

Henri Dunant
The emblem of a red cross with arms of equal length on a white background is the visible sign of protection under the 1949 Geneva Conventions. As such, it is the emblem of the armed forces’ medical services. The Red Cross logo was designed by Henri Dunant in 1863.

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