What is Urgotul SSD used for?

What is Urgotul SSD used for?

Use of Urgotul SSD to reduce bacteria and promote healing in chronic wounds.

What type of dressing is Urgotul?

Urgotul belongs to a new class of non-adherent dressings: the lipidocolloid dressings. It is composed of an open weave polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid polymers dispersed within petrolatum.

What is Urgotul AG?

UrgoTul™ Ag combines the power of lipidocolloid dressings, providing the ideal moist wound environment, with the antimicrobial benefit of silver. Product Navigator Webinar. • Provides silver sulfate to assist in providing an antimicrobial barrier paired with the ideal moist wound environment.

Are Urgotul dressings waterproof?

Why choose URGO Waterproof? With its waterproof material, it protects the wound from water and bacteria. Extra flexible and micro-ventilated, it allows the skin to breathe.

How long can Urgotul stay on?

A maximum of four weeks use is recommended due to the good efficacy of TLC-Ag on most pathogens. If the wound evolves well before the end of the 4 weeks treatment, you can switch to a neutral dressing.

Is Urgotul good for burns?

Urgotul™ is a highly promising dressing alternative to conventional dressings for partial thickness burns and skin graft donor sites and is well tolerated by patients.

Who makes Urgotul?

Hervé Le Lous, the company’s founder, has built URGO Group around strong family values. He has worked with his three sons for more than 10 years to build a pioneering company at the cutting-edge of medical technologies.

How long can UrgoTul stay on?

How often do you change UrgoClean?

When should I change UrgoClean? UrgoClean should be changed every 1 to 2 days during the desloughing phase, then as often as required (up to 7 days) depending on the level of exudate and the clinical condition of the wound.

How long can you leave Inadine on a wound?

Dressing can last up to 7 days. Fading of the colour of the product indicates the loss of antimicrobial efficacy and indicates when the Inadine dressing should be changed. S&S of local wound infection are resolved within 2 weeks.

What is similar to Urgotul?

Conclusion: Urgotul SSD and Contreet Ag are comparable regarding pain during dressing change. The dressings differ in their ability to absorb exudate and ease of application.

Can I put silver sulfadiazine on an open wound?

This medicine should be on the wounds at all times as directed by your doctor.

What is Drawtex dressing used for?

Drawtex® helps meet the complex challenges of wound bed preparation. Drawtex® is versatile in its use. It is indicated for wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate, whether chronic wounds or more acute wounds such as burns and complex surgical wounds.

Is UrgoTul good for burns?

Can you cut UrgoClean?

The UrgoClean pad was difficult to mould to the shape of some limbs, however it could easily be cut into strips, or scrunched up before application. This does not impact upon cost or nursing time.

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