What size tire stud do I need?

What size tire stud do I need?

Unless the tire stud size is already identified, follow the following general guideline: Measure the depth of the hole to be studded with a tire tread depth gauge. If the measurement is 12/32″, then the proper size tire stud is the TSMI #12. If the measurement is 13/32″, then the proper size is the TSMI #13, etc.

Are General AltiMax tires good in snow?

It offers good handling on dry and wet road conditions. The tires provide great traction in both snow and icy conditions, and even better traction on the ice when studded. Acceleration, cornering, and braking are generally done with ease, and provide a confident ride.

Who makes General AltiMax Arctic?

General tire
General tire, a brand of Continental. The Standard limited warranty covers: – 45 days satisfaction plan.

Can you install studs on any tire?

Can all winter tires have studs? Only studdable winter tires can have studs installed. These tires have been engineered with preset locations (holes) for the studs. Attempting to stud studless winter tires could cause structural integrity issues, and compromise the performance and safety of the tire.

How far should studs stick out of tires?

The studs are inserted on the tire’s surface leaving a protrusion of about 1.2 to 1.5 mm from the tire’s surface. The holes where the studs fit were molded into the tread when manufactured. If a stud is inserted incorrectly – either too shallow or too deep, it will not operate efficiently.

Do studded tires wear faster?

Studded vs Studless tires: Tire wear If you are concerned about tire wear in your studded vs non-studded tires, then research shows that as long as you properly maintain your winter tires then treadwear on both these types of tires should be relatively the same.

Where are General AltiMAX Arctic tires made?

Mostly manufactured in Europe, the new tire replaces the current AltiMax Arctic and fits passenger cars, minivans, crossovers and compact SUVs.

Where are General AltiMAX tires made?

The Altimax RT43 is an American-made, OE (original equipment) replacement tire that fits a wide variety of vehicles including coupes, sedans, minivans, crossovers and small SUVs.

Where are General AltiMax Arctic tires made?

Are General tires good in the snow?

These tires are not intended to be driven in snow or on ice as the compound does not respond well in extreme cold weather conditions.

How fast can I drive with studded tires?

Because it takes some time for the lubricant to evaporate and the tread rubber to compress around the stud, studded tires require a special break-in period. Relatively slow driving (less than 31 mph/50 km/h) without hard acceleration or braking is recommended for the first 62 miles (100 kilometers).

Do studded tires wear out faster?

In terms of driving on dry pavement with studded tires – this is not recommended. For one, if you continually drive studded tires on dry pavement you will wear out the tire tread more quickly. Secondly, you could also be bothered by significant road noise from the tire studs meeting the roadway.

Are studded tires good on the highway?

Heavy studs also cause more wear on the pavement; The number of studs on the winter tire and the speed of the vehicle may increase the wear rate of the pavement; Studded tires could remove markings on the pavement; Studded tires may cause wearing away of the pavement; and.

How many miles do studded tires last?

The average life of a studded tire is 40,000 miles. However, some manufacturers claim that you can get four seasons of winter from the same studded tires. According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the distance, a normal studded tire can cover is 13,500 miles per year.

What are tire studs?

Studs themselves are small, sharp metal protrusions installed into the tread of a tire. Because they get between the rubber and whatever surface you’re driving across, they need to be able to poke into that surface and momentarily stick there, resisting lateral forces, in order to provide grip.

Are General tires highly rated?

In many ways, General Tire is a middling tire brand. The tires aren’t expensive, but they aren’t the most affordable either. The tread-life warranties show the tires are expected to last, but they aren’t eye-popping warranties either. The biggest issue is the lack of performance options.

Are General Altimax tires made in the USA?

The General Altimax RT43 is a long-term, no-frills solution to your daily commute. The Altimax RT43 is an American-made, OE (original equipment) replacement tire that fits a wide variety of vehicles including coupes, sedans, minivans, crossovers and small SUVs. It’s available in 115 sizes from 13-20″ in wheel diameter.

Who makes General Tire?

About General Tire With more than 100 years of experience in the tyre industry and as part of Continental – a leading tyre manufacturer based in Germany – General Tire delivers products you can rely on – no matter how challenging the terrain may be!

Are studded tires OK on dry roads?

Then, all bets are off as to what they’ll hit. Tires grip a dry road with a smooth rubber surface. However, our cars don’t always stick to dry roads. For example, ice and snow, even on a well-paved surface, can make traction unreliable….Studded Tire Laws by State.

State Law
Wyoming Allowed

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