Where did the bombardier sit in a B-17?

Where did the bombardier sit in a B-17?

glass nose
The bombardier sat forward of the navigator in the glass nose of the airplane, and the flight engineer sat in a jump seat behind the pilot and copilot. The flight engineer was the only enlisted man, or non-commissioned officer, in the cockpit.

What did a bombardier do in a B-17?

A lieutenant, the bombardier was responsible for loading the bombs on the ground, arming the bombs in flight, and most importantly, for accurately aiming and dropping the bombs.

How much does it cost to fly in a B-17?

Fly On A Vintage B-17 Flying Fortress The cost to fly on the B-17 Flying Fortress is: $495.00 per person for seats in the center section of the aircraft. $700.00 per person for the Navigator’s Seat. $850.00 per person for the Bombardier’s Seat.

Was the B-17 a good plane?

It developed a reputation for toughness based upon stories and photos of badly damaged B-17s safely returning to base. The B-17 dropped more bombs than any other U.S. aircraft in World War II.

Which was a better plane the B-17 or the B-24?

The B-24 was a faster plane having a greater range and payload capacity. However, in the ETO, the B-24 operated with the B-17 which constrained the aircraft’s operating speed. The B17 was a sedate aircraft and placed fewer demands on the flight deck crew. The B-17 was also an easier aircraft to fly in formation.

How many B-17 survived 25 missions?

But flying it proved deadly. So much so that the odds of a B-17 crewman surviving the 25 missions required to complete a tour were only one in four.

How much is a B-17 worth?

For Sale: A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Project Plane: $9 Million USD.

How many B 17s were shot down?

Some B-17 bombers crash-landed or were forced down on German soil, and about 40 of them were put into service by the German Luftwaffe. They were designated Do 200 and were used in reconnaissance operations….B-17 Flying Fortress.

Country United States
Primary Role Heavy Bomber
Maiden Flight 28 July 1935

Which was the better bomber B-17 or B-24?

The B17 could be operated at speeds as slow as 135 mph, whereas the B24 became dangerous below 160 mph. Both aircraft could take a beating and still fly. Still, the design of the B24 did place limits on its ability to safely perform emergency landings.

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