Where did the name Passyunk come from?

Where did the name Passyunk come from?

The name Passyunk (pronounced Pa-sh-yunk by locals) comes from the Native American Lenape tribe’s word Pachsegink, which means “place between the hills” or “in the valley.” In fact, the diagonal Passyunk Avenue was formerly a Lenape trail.

How do you pronounce Passyunk?

First, pronunciation: No matter what anyone tells you, you say Passyunk “pash-unk.” Second, this swatch of South Philly actually comprises two adjacent wards, Passyunk Square and East Passyunk Crossing. East Passyunk Avenue, the street from which they take their names, cuts a diagonal path through them.

Is Passyunk Square a good place to live?

Passyunk Square is in Philadelphia County and is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. Living in Passyunk Square offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents own their homes. In Passyunk Square there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

What neighborhoods are considered South Philly?

South Philly Is A Collection Of Neighborhoods

  • Bella Vista.
  • East Passyunk Crossing.
  • Girard Estate.
  • Grays Ferry.
  • Graduate Hospital.
  • Hawthorne.
  • Lower Moyamensing.
  • Marconi and Stella Maris.

Are there any Lenni Lenape left?

There are only two federally recognized Delaware tribes in the U.S., and both of them are in Oklahoma, where large groups of the Lenape ended up due to forced migration. The Lenape who remained in their native lands still have descendants in the area, even if they aren’t part of an official tribe.

What Native American tribes lived in Philadelphia?

Prior to the first waves of colonization, the major Pennsylvania Indian tribes were the Lenape, Susquehannock, Shawnee, and Iroquois. Those original people of what would become the city of Philadelphia were the Lenape.

Where is the best place to live in Philadelphia?

Where to Live in Philadelphia

  • Fairmount. With its various galleries and relaxed atmosphere, Fairmount is home to Philadelphia’s world-class museums.
  • Fitler Square. Old-School Philly Charm.
  • Logan Square.
  • Midtown Village.
  • Old City.
  • Rittenhouse Square.
  • Society Hill.
  • University City.

Do Italians still live in South Philly?

Though mostly known for its large Italian population, South Philadelphia contains a diverse population of Italians, Irish, African Americans and Mexicans, as well as growing populations of Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Thai and Central Americans.

What are the 3 clans of the Lenape?

Clan Symbols: These represent the three clans of the Lenape: Turtle, Wolf and Turkey.

What does Lenape mean in English?

true people
The Lenape, Lenappe, Lenapi or Lenni Lenape (meaning “the people” or “true people”) are a group of several bands of Native American people who share cultural and linguistic traits. They are also known as the Delaware Indians.

What indigenous land is Philadelphia?

The indigenous people who inhabited the land that became Philadelphia were the Lenape (also Lenni Lenape; their English moniker was “Delaware”); they were displaced by Quakers and other religious minorities that settled the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the late 17th and 18th centuries.

Where do the rich live in Philadelphia?

Rittenhouse Square is often considered one of the most sought after and most affluent neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and for good reason. Real estate prices are among the highest in this enclave and Rittenhouse’s central location is perfect for easy access to restaurants, shops and Center City office buildings.

What is the nice part of Philly?

Washington Square West is one of the most welcoming and diverse neighborhoods in Philly – in fact, it’s historically served as the home of Philly’s LGBTQ community. If you like to shop local, you’ll be in luck, as most of the shops in the area are small businesses.

Where did the Lenape Indians come from?

The Lenni-Lenape (or simply “Lenape”) are the ancient root of many other American Indian nations. The Lenape homeland included all of New Jersey, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, and southeastern New York. The Nanticoke are the people of the Delmarva between the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.


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