Who has the highest NFL IQ?

Who has the highest NFL IQ?

Used to predict player performance, the Wonderlic Test is a cognitive abilities test which features 50 fairly generic questions that must be answered within a twelve-minute timeframe. Only one NFL player is known to have earned a perfect score, Pat McInally, former punter and wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bangles.

Who has the highest NFL Wonderlic score?

Pat McInally, a punter for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1976 to 1985, scored the highest Wonderlic score in history—a perfect 50.

What is the average NFL IQ?

Each year, about 2.5 million job applicants, in every line of work, take the Wonderlic. The average NFL combiner scores about the same as the average applicant for any other job, a 21. A 20 indicates the test-taker has an IQ of 100, which is average.

What is Peyton Mannings IQ?

So we can infer that Peyton Manning’s IQ test score is above average. However, a Wonderlic score of 28 is shocking to most people as Peyton Manning is known to study the game more than coaches and control the line of scrimmage and pick up blitzes that is only thanks to hours of preparation and a really good memory.

Does Aaron Rodgers have high IQ?

What is Aaron Rodgers’ IQ? The aspiring host of Jeopardy supposedly has an IQ of 130. While the exact number is not confirmed, we know Rodgers scored a respectable 35 on his Wonderlic test during his NFL combine in 2005.

What sport has the highest IQ?

Wrestling Entertainment
The results of the test indicated that fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) had the highest IQs of all sports fans, with an average score of 112.6.

Is Tom Brady intelligent?

As my colleagues Justin Bariso and Jason Aten pointed out, Brady has been smart (highly emotionally intelligent, in fact) in not rushing to declare whether he plans to play next season or retire.

What did Lamar Jackson score on Wonderlic?

a 13
2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson scored a 13 on the test.

Who is the smartest athlete?

Craig Breslow The Oakland Athletics pitcher was recently named the smartest athlete in all sports by Sporting News. The Yale-educated Breslow got a 1420 on his SAT’s, and a 34 on his MCAT’s (the average score is a 28), and was accepted into NYU’s Medical School.

What sports have the smartest players?

America’s smartest athletes are bowlers. The researcher, William Daley, says bowlers averaged 129 on a series of standard I.Q. tests. Some other average scores included 109 for tennis players, 105 for basketball players, 103 for football players, 101 for baseball players and 97 for golfers.

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