Who is Cana shipped with?

Who is Cana shipped with?

Baccana (バッカカナ Bakkakana) is a fanon pair between Quatro Cerberus S-Class Mage, Bacchus Groh and Fairy Tail Mage, Cana Alberona.

Does Macao like Cana?

Cana was known to have a crush on Macao in the past, having listened to his advice on drinking less despite her love of alcohol. However, when she heard he had a girlfriend she began to drink double the amount she had before. In the present, the two are still good friends and often protect one another in battle.

Who is wakaba in fairy tail?

Wakaba Mine (ワカバ・ミネ Wakaba Mine) is a veteran Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is a long-time friend of Macao Conbolt, acting as his adviser during Macao’s tenure as the guild’s Fourth Guild Master.

Who is lisanna love interest?

Eventually, Lisanna found Natsu very kind and cute, even asking him to be her husband in the future, which she brushed off as a joke when Natsu became noticeably flustered and red. From then on, Lisanna habitually teased Natsu in a similar manner. Natsu always couldn’t help but be flustered over his feelings.

Who is Cana’s father?

Gildarts Clive
As a very young girl, Cana came to Fairy Tail after the death of her mother to find her father, Gildarts Clive, who was a member of Fairy Tail.

Who is Max in fairy tail?

Max Alors (マックス・アローゼ Makkusu Arōze) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild who is in charge of most of the guild’s social activities, given his love for talking to people. His Magic is a type of Sand Magic: Sandstorm.

What is Minerva’s Magic?

Acrobatic Skills: Minerva has been shown to possess flexibility that allows her to do acrobatic moves. She has demonstrated the ability to, with the use of her Magic, appear from thin air and, while twisting in the air, throw both Erza Scarlet and Kagura Mikazuchi and still be able to land perfectly on both feet.

Is Lisanna jealous of Lucy?

Rivalry. Even though both Lucy and Lisanna show (at least a little) interest in Natsu, the two never show an indication of rivalry between them. Lucy and Lisanna share a relationship within the Guild like any other members and are quite friendly with each other.

Does Gray like Lucy?

Relationship. While almost no interactions regarding love have been shown between them, fans of the manga and anime support Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfilia’s relationship due to the scenes they have together, especially when we find Gray finds Lucy cute and the strong friendship the two share.

How did Cana revive Mavis?

After the fight with Jacob, Mavis realized her body was alive and taking Cana to the Lumen Histoire’s room. She asked the young mage to use Fairy Glitter to cause the fusion between her spirit and her body. After many attempts, Cana was successful and Mavis was freed from the lacrima.

Who is Cana’s mother?

Cornelia (コーネリア Kōneria) was the mother of Fairy Tail Mage, Cana Alberona and the deceased wife of S-Class Mage of the same guild, Gildarts Clive.

Who is Gildarts wife?

Cornelia Cornelia
Cornelia. Cornelia (コーネリア Kōneria) was the mother of Fairy Tail Mage, Cana Alberona, and the deceased wife of Gildarts Clive.

How old is zeref?

400 years old
Appearance. Though Zeref appeared to be a young man he was actually just over 400 years old but due to his Cursed immortality he retained a youthful appearance throughout his life.


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