Who owns Lotus Communications?

Who owns Lotus Communications?

Howard Kalmenson –
Howard Kalmenson – Owner/CEO – Lotus Communications Corp. LinkedIn.

How many radio stations are in Lotus radio group?

Lotus Communications Corp. is a company headquartered in Los Angeles, California that owns and operates 48 radio stations, a digital agency, low-power television stations and e-commerce websites.

What is a Lotus station?

Lotus Communications Corporation is a media company that owns numerous radio stations and a few TV stations, and is one of the largest privately owned radio station groups in the United States. Headquarters are located in Los Angeles, and the company’s President and CEO is Howard Kalmenson.

Who owns Kwkw?

LOTUS COMMUNICATIONS CORP. Kalmenson with the purchase of KWKW, one of Los Angeles’ original heritage Spanish Language stations. Howard was awarded the Medallas de Cortez Lifetime Achievement Award from Radio Ink honoring his long record of dedication and commitment to Spanish-language radio.

Who owns KFWB?

KFWB Asset TrustKFWB / Owner

What happened to 1070 news radio?

As you read in this paper — or heard for yourself if you tuned in on your radio — KNX (1070 AM) is now on FM. The all-news station began an AM-FM simulcast at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 6th, over the airwaves of KNOU (97.1 FM).

What happened to 97.1 NOW radio station?

The 24-hour local news and traffic station is replacing KNOU NOW (97.1 FM), a contemporary hits station previously known as AMP (97.1 FM) before it was re-branded as NOW back in April. Earlier, in August 2020, the station introduced a whole new morning show dubbed “The Morning Mess.”

What does Kfwb stand for?


Los Angeles, California United States
First air date March 3, 1925
Former frequencies 1190 kHz (1925–1927) 810 kHz (1927) 830 kHz (1927–1928) 850 kHz (1928) 830 kHz (1928) 950 kHz (1928–1941)
Call sign meaning None, sequentially issued
Technical information

Is KNX off the air?

KNX will continue to air on 1070, its AM frequency since 1941.

What happened to 97.1 FM morning mess?

The 24 hour local news station will be replacing KNOU NOW (97.1 FM), the station which introduced The Morning Mess back in August 2020. Listeners seem to have deduced that The Morning Mess has been moved to 101.5, so don’t worry- you can still catch your favourite show!

Who owns AM 1070?

CBS RadioKNX / Owner

Where is KNX located?

Los Angeles, California
KNX (1070 AM) is a commercial radio station in Los Angeles, California. It airs an all-news radio format and is owned by Audacy, Inc.

What happened Gabe B96?

Nothing has occurred to the radio host, Gabe Ramirez from B96. He is healthful and is fixed to entertain people by his displays. He moreover seems to be comfy in his personal life alongside collectively together with his kids.

What happened to The Morning Mess?

Audacy’s “The Morning Mess” will move to WBBM-FM (B96) in Chicago as the station’s new morning show.

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