Who was the referee in the 2003 World Cup?

Who was the referee in the 2003 World Cup?

Watson refereed the first of two Rugby World Cup finals when he took charge of the 1999 Rugby World Cup Final between Australia and France in Cardiff. His second World Cup final was the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final between Australia and England in Sydney. He remains the only referee to have officiated in two finals.

How old is Andre Watson?

64 years (April 24, 1958)André Watson / Age

Who won RWC 2007?

South Africa national rugby union team2007 Rugby World Cup / Champion

How did England win the 2003 World Cup?

Ten years ago, on 22 November 2003, England won the rugby union World Cup, thanks to Jonny Wilkinson’s drop-goal just 26 seconds from the end. BBC Sport looks back at that breathtaking moment, when Wilkinson’s kick sealed a 20-17 extra-time victory over Australia at the Telstra Stadium in Sydney.

Who passed Jonny Wilkinson ball?

Matt Dawson passes the ball during the 2003 World Cup Final Rugby Union – The 2003 World Cup Final – England 20 Australia 17 (a.e.t.) Matt Dawson (England) passes from a ruck to Jonny Wilkinson.

How far was Jonny Wilkinson drop goal?

There were just 26 seconds left on the clock when Wilkinson kicked a right-footed drop goal to clinch a 20-17 victory and deliver England their first World Cup triumph.

Who scored England’s only try in 2003?

England’s first points were through a penalty goal scored by Jonny Wilkinson at 11 minutes; Wilkinson scored a second penalty nine minutes later to put his side ahead of Australia….2003 Rugby World Cup Final.

Stadium Australia, the match venue
Event 2003 Rugby World Cup
Venue Stadium Australia, Sydney
Man of the Match Jonny Wilkinson (England)

Who was the captain of the 2003 England team that lifted the World Cup?

captain Martin Johnson
When asked to name members of England’s 2003 World Cup-winning squad, the likes of drop-kick hero Jonny Wilkinson and inspirational captain Martin Johnson come immediately to mind.

What do Aussies call rugby?

Australian Rules Football or “Footy” is fast, free-flowing game that is the most popular sport in Australia. The game looks to be hybrid of rugby and soccer with a bit of basketball, hockey, football, lacrosse and volleyball thrown in for good measure.

Who is Kirstie Stanway?

Kirstie Stanway is one of the country’s brightest young broadcasters, working across TV and radio – and in particular becoming a big part of Sky’s rugby coverage. She picked the Blues to win Super Rugby Pacific at the start of the season, and she’s justifiably feeling good about that prediction now.

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