Who won GMB 2015?

Who won GMB 2015?


Winners Year Region
Zeinab 2017 Northern Region
Yaaba 2016 Western Region
Esi 2015 Central Region
Baciara 2014 Upper West Region

Who won GMB 2014?

Abigail Baciara Bentie, the 2014 winner of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, is now to be known as Mrs Gyasi. This follows her beautiful marriage ceremony with her handsome fiance who is known as Yaw Gyasi.

Who is the winner of GMB 2017?

It was a night of thunderous approval at the Accra International Conference Centre when Zeinab from the Northern region was declared winner of the 2017 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB 2017) reality show on TV3.

Who won Ghana Most Beautiful 2010?

Nana Ama Agyeiwaa, 20, representing the Eastern Region was crowned winner of the 2010 Ghana’s Most Beautiful cultural reality show at the National Theatre Sunday night, beating five other finalists.

Who won the first Ghana Most Beautiful?

Monica Amekoafia (30 June 1934 – 24 June 1990) was a Ghanaian and the winner of the first edition of the Miss Ghana contest in 1957 while representing the Trans-Volta Togoland. She was contestant Number 9….

Monica Amekoafia
Other names Mrs. Monica Marrah
Known for First Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant Winner in 1957

Who won GMB 2011?

Twenty-three-year-old Salomey Amoakoa Mensah known as Akua, a product of Takoradi Polytechnic, was crowned the winner of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful at the National Theatre on Sunday night.

Who won Ghana Most Beautiful 2009?

Embattled beauty queen Nasara Mariam Abdul Rauf, winner of “Ghana’s Most Beautiful” 2009 pageant, has made some startling revelations in an exclusive interview with peacefmonline.com.

Why are ewes called 9?

Monica Amekoafia (30 June 1934 – 24 June 1990) was a Ghanaian and the winner of the first edition of the Miss Ghana contest in 1957 while representing the Trans-Volta Togoland. She was contestant Number 9. It was from her number that people from the Volta Region are called Number 9.

Who won GMB 2013?

A representative of the Upper East Region in this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Lawrencia Ayapoka Anafo, also known as Poka, yesterday was adjudged winner. She beat some four others to win the coveted title and bragging rights of Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen for another year.

Who was the first person to win Ghana Most Beautiful?

Is Ewe spoken in Ghana?

Ewe, peoples living in southeastern Ghana, southern Benin, and the southern half of Togo who speak various dialects of Ewe, a language of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family.

Why is it called Volta Region?

Volta Region is one of the ten regions in Ghana. It lies on the eastern side of the country. The region derived its name from the Volta River, which virtually separates it from the rest of the country.

Who won GMB 2010?

Thursday 8 July, marked the birthday of Nana Ama who won the fourth season of GMB in 2010.

Who won Ghana Most Beautiful 2012?

Emefa Akosua Adeti
Emefa Akosua Adeti is a TV host and former beauty Queen who emerged winner for the Ghana Most Beautiful Beauty Pageant 2012.

Which region in Ghana is the most beautiful?

It is also the location where each Kente Style Tie is handmade. Volta Region Ghana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Are Ewes from Germany?

The German established a protectorate in Western Africa (now Togo) in 1884. In order to govern the territories, the Germans relied on local authorities (mostly ethnic Ewes)….Chronology for Ewe in Togo.

Publisher Minorities at Risk Project
Publication Date 2004

Are Ewes from Egypt?

According to UNESCO grouping of languages (1985), Ewe is a community language of Africa and its homeland stretches between three West African countries, namely, the Republics of Ghana, Togo, Benin (Dahomey) and to Badagry in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Why are ewes called Number 9?

Why are ewes referred to as Number 9?

It is common to find Ghanaians calling their fellow citizens from the Volta Region number 9. The reason is that in 1957 (the year Ghana attained independence) during the first-ever Miss Ghana Beauty contest, the Volta Regional representative, Monica Amekoafia was contestant number 9 in that year’s beauty pageant.

Which year did GMB start?

GMB has its origins in the Gas Workers and General Labourers Union which was formed in 1889 by Will Thorne.

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