Are Hi Lo trailers still made?

Are Hi Lo trailers still made?

The Hi-Lo Trailer was a truly iconic American made trailer created in 1956 and ceased operations in 2010.

Why did they stop making Hi Lo campers?

Initially, Hi-Lo Trailers closed down its operations in 2010 because of a weak economy. Prospective buyers could only find Hi-Lo campers on the used market. In fact, they became quite collectible.

What is a Hi Lo camper worth?

How Much Does a Hi Lo Camper Cost? Vintage Hi Lo campers are highly sought after. The used campers can cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

Who Made Hi Lo campers?

The Kerola Group
Hi-Lo Trailers Worldwide is a new company owned and operated by William Kerola, President of The Kerola Group, a family owned and operated recreational vehicle dealership and manufacturer located in Transfer, Pennsylvania. Read more about us.

What is a Hilo travel trailer?

Hi-lo’s are essentially hard-shelled pop up trailers that move up through a telescopic hydraulic lift system. Hi-Lo’s have been around and respected since 1959. They closed their doors in 2010 due to the economy at the time.

Do you put antifreeze in RV toilet?

Pour a cupful of antifreeze down each drain. Pour some RV antifreeze in the toilet and flush into the holding tank to prevent any water in the tank from freezing. If your water heater has an electric heating element, turn it off. This will protect the element if the unit is plugged in while in storage.

Do you have to put antifreeze in camper?

Most Sure-Fire Way to Protect Plumbing From Freezing in Cold Climates. No matter how you slice it, the most sure-fire way to protect your rig’s plumbing system from freezing is to use RV antifreeze. This is especially true if you’ll be storing (or using) your rig in (extended) sub-freezing temperatures for the winter.

Can RV black tanks freeze?

When exposed to prolonged temperatures below freezing, RV holding tanks will freeze. Some RVs can handle the frigid winter elements, whereas others will freeze more quickly. Four-season RVs typically have heated underbellies and tank heaters to help prevent tank freezing, though those things can fail.

Can you use the toilet in an RV in the winter?

It’s possible to use your RV toilet for brief periods in freezing weather. Purchasing a four-season RV or modifying one to handle sub-freezing weather is one possibility. I have done this previously with good success. This requires a coach with completely enclosed and heated holding tanks.

How many gallons of RV antifreeze Do I need to winterize my camper?

2 to 3 gallons
You’ll need at least 2 to 3 gallons of RV antifreeze depending on the size of your rig. b) Use your RV’s internal water pump. If you use the water pump, you’ll need to install a pump bypass kit if it’s not already equipped since it draws from the RV’s fresh water tank and you don’t want antifreeze in there.

Should I put RV antifreeze in freshwater tank?

Do not pour antifreeze into your fresh water tank to run it through the pump into your water system. This will take a lot of antifreeze and is not very efficient. Even when the tank is drained there remains some water in the bottom of the tank which mixes with the antifreeze and lessens its protection level.

Should I put antifreeze in my RV toilet?

Starting with a completely empty black water tank, add at least 3-4 gallons of RV antifreeze to the black tank, and continue to use the RV antifreeze to flush the toilet as necessary. When you’re done using the system, dump as usual, then there should be no freezing problem.