Did Lean Cuisine discontinue pizza?

Did Lean Cuisine discontinue pizza?

We’ve discontinued it, but we’re glad to know you enjoyed it!

How many calories are in a Lean Cuisine cheese pizza?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 380 (1590 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16%
Sugars 6 g
Protein 19 g
Calcium 300 mg

Does Lean Cuisine have pizza?

Lean Cuisine Features Four Cheese Frozen Pizza offers a quick and easy meatless meal solution when you’re short on time. This personal pizza features a new sauce flavor with a savory blend of reduced fat mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago and Romano cheese on a traditional pizza crust.

How many calories are in a Lean Cuisine four cheese pizza?

400 calories
A blend of reduced fat mozzarella, parmesan, asiago & romano cheeses. 17 g protein. 400 calories.

Is there a shortage of Lean Cuisine?

Like many other frozen dinners, Lean Cuisine couldn’t sustain the production of its wide variety of pre-made meals due to supply chain shortages. Many of the brand’s unhealthiest or worst-selling products had to get cut from production, including the Tuscan Style Vegetable Lasagna.

Is Lean Cuisine made by Stouffer’s?

Today, Lean Cuisine includes traditional dinners, ethnic dishes, pizzas, whole-grain Spa Cuisine entreés, and panini….Lean Cuisine.

Microwaved Lean Cuisine tortellini
Owner Nestlé (Worldwide except Australia) Vesco (Australia, under license)
Country United States
Introduced 1981
Related brands Stouffer’s

Are Lean Cuisines good for you?

Lean cuisine meals may appear to be healthy when considering calories alone. However, because they are processed food, many are high in sodium while being low in protein and fiber.

Can you put a Lean Cuisine pizza in the oven?

Can you cook Lean Cuisine pizza in the oven? Most lean cuisine pizza trays and bowls are not suitable for oven use and will melt if exposed to high temperatures. In exceptional cases, it is best to follow the cooking instructions on the lean cuisine package always.

What are the healthiest frozen dinners?

12 Good Choices

Calories Fiber (g)
Healthy Choice Cajun Shrimp and Chicken 240 3
Smart Ones Rigatoni with Broccoli and Chicken 290 2
Gardenburger Meals Meatless Citrus Glazed Chicken with green beans and rice 220 5
Healthy Choice Mushroom Roasted Beef 280 5

Which is better smart ones or Lean Cuisine?

Verdict: Overall, I enjoyed Lean Cuisine’s Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans more than the Smart Ones version. There was a better balance of flavors and just more flavor to be had. You also get a little more food with the Lean Cuisine, while maintaining the same amount of calories.

Is Lean Cuisine unhealthy?

Has anyone lost weight eating Lean Cuisine?

Lean Cuisine might have “lean” it its name, but it’s far from a magical weight loss solution. In fact, eating only Lean Cuisines could be one of the reasons you’re not losing any weight. Lean Cuisine seems to make weight loss possible thanks to the reduced calories per serving and the small portion sizes.

Can you microwave Lean Cuisine pizza?

Place pizza on silver side of crisping platform in center of microwave. 3. Cook on high 2 minutes and 45 seconds or until cheese is melted. For a crispier crust increase cook time by 15 seconds….Lean Cuisine Comfort Pepperoni Pizza.

Total Fat 10g 13%
Total Sugars 6g
Sugars 8g
Added Sugars 3g 6%
Protein 21g 30%

Is Lean Cuisine considered processed food?