Does White Album 2 have a good ending anime?

Does White Album 2 have a good ending anime?

No Ending: Introductory chapter, despite published on its own, has no ending. The White Album 2 series as a whole does have an ending though. Old Flame: Kazusa, when she runs into Haruki again in Coda. Her return causes a LOT of drama, for sure.

Does Haruki end up with setsuna?

At the end of her True Ending in coda, she marries Haruki that now makes her Setsuna Kitahara (北原 雪菜 Kitahara Setsuna).

Who does Haruki Kitahara marry?

The Coda begins 2 years after the events of the Closing Chapter, with Haruki Kitahara making plans for marrying Setsuna Ogiso. Both of them are engaged and the have a honeymoon in Strasburg (where Kazusa is currently living with Youko Touma).

Is White Album 2 fully translated?

The patch will include translations for the entirety of White Album 2. That includes Introductory Chapter, Closing Chapter & Coda. Beyond that, the patch also revises the contents of the questionable partial patch we released before, including retranslations of whole parts that were beyond saving.

What happen to setsuna?

He finally lost his final battle against Setsuna; and he was about to suicide (according to what Bushido stated). However he hesitated when remembering Setsuna’s final words to him: “I will fight to live on”. At the end he did not hate or despise Setsuna and called his fate link with him as an unavoidable destiny.

What happens after the ending of White Album 2?

White Album 2 (the visual novel) is followed up by White Album 2: Closing Chapter in which there are two endings; one in which Haruki decides to be with Setsuna, and the other is to move on from Kazusa. If you chose the former, you will unlock White Album 2: Coda which is pretty much the final chapter of the series.

What happened to setsuna after the movie?

After Setsuna became an Innovator, he once again became withdrawn and closed his heart to people once again. The crew members had trouble dealing with his change in attitude, but they did their best to adjust to him because they believe he’ll eventually turn around.

What do fans call the White Album?

The plain white cover led fans and listeners to call the record the “White Album”. In time, even the band and their company, Apple Corps, began to use this name. The Beatles was the band’s twelfth album of new recordings, and was released in November 1968.

Who made White Album 2?

The scenario for White Album 2 is written by Fumiaki Maruto and Kikakuya. The pair has worked together before on other visual novels such as Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o. The producer for White Album 2 is Naoya Shimokawa.

Is setsuna dead in Yashahime?

Setsuna’s death is both surprising and tragic. As her hand slips from Towa’s, Towa reminisces on her letting go of Setsuna back in the forest fire all those years ago, and the bitter regrets this caused. Even Kirinmaru is regretful that things had to play out this way.

Does setsuna become a Gundam?

Seiei (刹那・F・セイエイ, Setsuna Efu Seiei) is the main protagonist of the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Setsuna is a Gundam Meister, serving under the paramilitary group, Celestial Being.

What did setsuna become?

After a 4 year hiatus, Setsuna has taken an unofficial role as the leader of the Gundam Meisters. He is now able to assert and express his feelings to people without reservation.

Does Setsuna come back to life?

After Towa used the Zanseiken to save Rion from her past and Osamu Kirin and collapsed, Setsuna was left extremely worried that there was no way of bringing her back. After Towa granted Rion use of her body to bid farewell to her father Kirinmaru, Rion returned her twin to life, much to her joy.