How do I put Camo on Black Ops 2?

How do I put Camo on Black Ops 2?

On the Personalize screen, click on the “Camo” tab on the upper-left section of the screen to view all the different camouflages you can use. Scroll down the screen, and right beside the Gold camo, you’ll see a new one called “Diamond.” Apply the Diamond camo on your weapon by pressing the “Select” button.

How do you get a vintage camo knife in the Cold War?

Vintage. Get 15 kills with the knife against zombies affected by Frost Blast or Ring of Fire or while using Aether Shroud (Go for Aether Shroud).

How do you get gold camo in Black Ops?

Unlocking Gold Camo in Black Ops Cold War To unlock the gold camo, you need to unlock all the camo for a single weapon. It will include a bevy of achievements that are all independent for each and every weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Is dark matter a real thing?

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How do I get Obsidian camo?

How to unlock Obsidian Camo fast? The obsidian Camo can be achieved by completing a challenge after you have unlocked Gold on a weapon. It will consist of having to get 15 or more kills in a game, multiple times, with the exception of Melee weapons and Launchers.

How do you get plague diamond?

Plague Diamond is the Zombies variation of Diamond Camouflage, and is obtained by unlocking Golden Viper Camouflage for each weapon in its respective class.

How many ARS do you need to get Diamond?

For example, if you want to get the diamond camo on your Volk loadout, you’ll need to unlock the gold camo for at least seven assault rifles. If you want to unlock the diamond camo for your Kar98K loadout, you need to unlock the gold camo for all three snipers in the game.

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