How do you finish return to sender?

How do you finish return to sender?

To be able to do this, upgrade the ranger stations and double-check the intel reports, then kill all the officers and, at the same time, talk with chief Hanlon, which will successfully complete this quest.

What happens if Chief Hanlon dies?

After the death of Chief Hanlon, the power of NCR’s Rangers was broken for years. Their organization, so reliant on the wisdom and guidance of its elder members, became a shadow of what it once was to people across the wasteland.

How do I ally with Brotherhood of Steel and NCR?

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce. Return to Colonel Moore and speak to her about the offered truce.

How do I start the NCR ending?

First of all the NCR MUST come to you. After exiting the Lucky 38 after complete the quest “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” After that go to Camp Maclaron and talk to the Bounty hunter and ask where he got the Caps and he will say about the Major. After doing so talk to the Major and ask if you can do a bounty.

Can the Ranger Sequoia be modded?

About this mod The new Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia can now be equiped with a Muzzle Brake or a Suppressor.

What is the best revolver in Fallout: New Vegas?

The Ranger Sequoia can fire a total of about 745 standard rounds, the equivalent of 149 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Does killing Mr House help the NCR?

You’ll have to deal with House for the NCR yes. All factions that aren’t House will have you do this. Either kill him or take away his control of everything, keeping him alive.

Can the great Khans join NCR?

If the player character can kill Papa Khan undetected by the other Khans, Regis will become the leader of the Khans. Regis will then agree to ally the Khans with the NCR. This is the only outcome that aligns the NCR with the Great Khans.

What is the best ending for FNV?

House would be the best ending for Vegas itself, but the NCR is the best ending for the whole of the Mojave, despite its corruption and taxes. The Legion would rule with an iron fist, and collapse as soon as Caesar dies. In the Independent ending there wouldn’t be much stability in the Mojave at all.

What is the best revolver in FNV?

What ammo does the Ranger Sequoia use?

Ranger Sequoia

Ammo & reloading
Ammo Type .45-70 Gov’t
Ammo/Shot 1 Shots/Reload
Ammo Cap. 5 Reload Time

Who wiped out station Charlie?

Caesar’s Legion
Former NCR Ranger Andy will ask the Courier to check on Ranger Station Charlie. Upon arrival, it becomes apparent that all the rangers have been wiped out by Caesar’s Legion, who left behind two holotapes.

Can you save Sergeant Andrews New Vegas?

Andrews was captured alive by a Legion raiding party and was brought back to the Fort to fight in the arena at Fortification Hill, AKA The Fort. Before The Courier arrives, Andrews has already been challenged once and survived. (I learned this from a Fallout website.) Note: You can’t free him from the Legion.

Can you get the Mysterious Magnum without killing the lonesome drifter?

If the Courier fails the Barter check during the quest Talent Pool, the Mysterious Magnum can no longer be obtained without killing the Lonesome Drifter.