How many Michelin stars does Fiola DC have?

How many Michelin stars does Fiola DC have?

m One MICHELIN Star: High quality cooking, worth a stop!

Is Fiola Mare expensive?

Fiola Mare is an exception. It’s expensive, but actually worth the price for a special occasion. In addition to a great view of the water, it has excellent seafood and pasta dishes your mom will approve of.

What does Fiola Mare mean in Italian?

Fiola Mare: Star of the Sea.

When did Fiola Mare Open?

Fiola is an Italian restaurant located in Washington, D.C. that opened in 2011. It has received positive reviews in The Washington Post. It is one of several restaurants owned by the couple Fabio and Maria Trabocchi in the city. The Trabocchis have announced plans to open a second location in Miami.

How much does dinner cost at the Inn at Little Washington?

Open: Dinner Wednesday-Monday. Prices: $248 per person. Sound check: 70 decibels / Conversation is easy. The following review originally appeared in The Washington Post’s 2017 Fall Dining Guide as No.

What does Fiola mean?


Acronym Definition
FIOLA Franco-Italian On-Line Archive

What is the definition of crudo?

Definition of crudo : a dish of sliced, seasoned, uncooked seafood often served with a sauce.

Who owns Del Mar in DC?

chef Fabio Trabocchi
One of the most ambitious restaurants slated for the Wharf is here: Del Mar, the luxe Spanish spot from Fiola Mare restaurateurs Maria and chef Fabio Trabocchi.

What is the dress code at the Inn at Little Washington?

The Inn has no official dress code. We want all of our guests to be completely comfortable. About half of our gentlemen guests do wear sport jackets.

Who is the chef at the Inn at Little Washington?

Chef Patrick O’Connell
The Inn at Little Washington is a never ending story and represents the life’s work of Chef Patrick O’Connell. The Inn has been awarded nearly every possible award for its food, accommodations and wine list.

What nationality is the name Fiola?

Italian (Naples): of uncertain origin; possibly a variant of Feola.

Is crudo like ceviche?

This method, which kills the fish instantly, preserves its flavor and texture and keeps it fresher for longer. While it’s not technically raw, it’s worth noting a crudo-family cousin: the ceviche. Ceviche is made up of raw seafood that’s marinated in citrus juice, which cures (or, in this case, “cooks”) it.

Does crudo mean drunk?

Crudo, in its common Spanish slang form is…you guessed it! Another way to describe a hangover.

What should I wear to Del Mar DC?

Del Mar’s dress code discourages athleisure and flip-flops, even if it doesn’t explicitly require jackets—but you get the sense diners are putting on their poshest numbers for the people-watching crowd.

What is Del Mar food?

Del Mar Foods is a custom manufacturer of food products located on twelve acres in Watsonville, California. Featuring more than one hundred thousand square feet of processing, freezing, and cold storage space, Del Mar’s facilities are designed for optimum performance.

How much does dinner cost at The Inn at Little Washington?

How much does it cost to eat at the Little Washington Inn?

For a subset of jaded, very well-fed food obsessives, eating at the Inn at Little Washington could feel regressive or dull. It isn’t cheap: A five-course tasting menu with plenty of extras costs $228 per person (and $238 per person on Saturday nights).